Making the Connection

On Sunday, January 11, a few members met to discuss Making the Connection and how we can help congregants feel a sense of belonging. We focused on questions such as:

  • How do we match new volunteers to opportunities that excite them and connect them to UUFE?
  • How do we ask and say thank you, so that volunteers feel appreciated?
  • How do we spread opportunities and make room for those who step up?

We used these questions as a starting point for identifying our current needs and opportunities, and then we brainstormed new ideas would could try out. We decided that we should take action and pilot a simple ask. We named some current needs of the fellowship, specifically targeting Member Services roles, and then set up a table the following Sunday with clipboards and friendly faces. We hope to try the table for a couple more Sundays and then come back together to see what we have learned.

If you are interesting in exploring the issue of volunteerism- or if you’d like to volunteer- please speak to me. I’d love your thoughts and ideas! You can reach me at

~Emily Cranwell

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