Just Beginning

Just Beginning
If you’ve been following my newsletter articles (or even better, following my articles on the blog) you may remember that one of our Board’s goals over the coming year is to take a closer look at our congregation’s systems and structures. We want to be sure that we are using our resources, especially our volunteer time and energy, to their fullest. At our Board meeting in October we began this conversation with a visit from David Pyle, UUFE’s primary contact from the UUA. Rev. Pyle skillfully led a conversation to help us identify our greatest adaptive challenges, asking deepening questions to help us along in our thinking process.
We discussed how we, as a congregation, might better grow members and how we might then grow members into leaders. We discussed multiple models of ministry that helped us think through new ways that we might develop and empower lay-leaders. We also discussed the role of a minister within our congregation and how we may best utilize their expertise. We discussed ways we might approach our practices to be sure that leaders also have energy to grow spiritually as Unitarian Universalists.
Our conversation led us to a few next steps. We will be working to develop a shared understanding of our congregation’s ministries. David Pyle will be working on setting us up with more resources and taking time to study our structure to provide us with some feedback. He will return to meet with our Board again to further our conversation. The Board will be reading further about models of ministry and ways that we might simplify our structure. Everyone present will begin conversations to explore how we understand our current identity. All of these steps will help us proceed with intention as we continue to better our community and strengthen our relationships to one another.

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