Fulfillment in UUFE Leadership

By Emily Cranwell

In the service that I gave on January 31st, I was asked to reflect on how leadership can be spiritually fulfilling. In a time when Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (N&LDC) is seeking volunteers to step into leadership roles, I want to ask others to reflect on what opportunities they have found at UUFE that have provided them with the same sense of fulfillment.

For me, I feel most spiritual when I am able to give to others. It taps into my deepest core to be able to find something that I can offer to a friend, a colleague, a member of our community here. The personal growth in this role has also felt spiritual. It taps into my need for opportunities to try something different and feel challenged and successful.

I’ve been fulfilled by the connections that I have made with others. I’ve been able to truly experience collaborative leadership throughout. I’ve also been able to call on others for help or advice or guidance. I’ve tried to tap into the wisdom of our past presidents and long-standing members who have the historical perspective on how we got to where we are today. Rev. Sue has been a powerful mentor and guide— time and again helping me to focus my energy and acting as a reassuring guide.

Sometimes it’s been as simple as learning that I need to ask for help. Every time that I have, I have found supportive people around me that could help me get through whatever I was tackling. I hope that others will begin to think of leadership as an opportunity to think creatively and big picture. Its can also be fun, when you find the right fit for what feels fulfilling.

Leading at UUFE is an opportunity to deepen your connections with our UUFE community and the people in it. It is an opportunity to stretch and grow and learn by doing. It feels good to tackle something challenging and feel accomplishment at a job well done.

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