What Are You Seeking?

Do you make September resolutions? As September approaches, I gear up to return to routine.  But what routine? I want routines that help me live into what I value. I’ve spent the last weeks watching the Olympics and can easily drift to watching endless reruns of Law and Order or Friends.  This is not the routine that serves me best, and yet, off on my own without other perspectives and reminders of what I value, it can happen.

For me, community is a reminder to walk the talk. I’m reminded to lean into routines that transform (kick my butt, a bit) and that also offer a gentle rhythm and balance.

That’s me. What do you seek this September? Any resolutions?

How might the UUFE community remind you to live into what you value most? UU Minister Rev. Gretchen Haley finds covenantal religious communities lift relationships of trust and offer mutual accountability and an invitation of continual return. While we can make bold resolutions, we will slip. Together we can hold one another in relationship and try again. Together we see paths that we couldn’t find alone.

I sense each time someone comes to UUFE, whether visitor or long term member, they are seeking something. What do you seek this September? How can UUFE support you? And in turn, how might you support others?

Beyond our own needs, what do we seek as a congregation? Which routines (in worship and programs) help us live into our shared values…our mission? Where are we ready for new approaches?

As we gather each fall, with new faces and revived energy, we have a chance to live into these answers anew.

In hope and connection for the coming year,

Rev. Sue

One response to “What Are You Seeking?

  1. Sue,
    Your September resolution message completely resonated with me. September has always been more of a “new year” celebration/recognition for me, rather than January first, for a couple of reasons. As for many others, my life has revolved around the academic schedule of activities and work beginning again with familiarity and new hopes and expectations. September is also my birth month, so in that sense, it has truly been a “new year” for me and, as you know, this year, one of the BIG ONEs, 70!!

    That number gives me pause to think that I really want to be more selective in the time I devote to the “doings” of life, what I truly prioritize and what feels fun and worthy of my effort and attention. I have always had a little bit of a flare for artsy pursuits and have neglected to provide myself time to explore that realm. I have signed up for a class at Adkins Arboretum in botanical drawing. I haven’t quite decided what to eliminate but have I one commitment in mind.
    Here’s to a “new year.” I know UUFE will be a big part of it.

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