Wearing a Safety Pin

Recently you may have noticed I’m wearing a safety pin on my coat. It’s pinned below my gold ‘Standing on the Side of Love’ button. This safety pin is a visible sign to those who are the most vulnerable in our society that I am an ally. It is a signal that I will intervene when someone is being bothered or harassed based on their identity.

safety-pin 400xBefore wearing the safety pin I asked myself, “Am I willing to live this commitment? Am I willing to act?” I hope so. I was in a social service agency office this week, and when the receptionist saw my pin, she thanked me. Not expected. For now, wearing the safety pin fits for me.

As I write, it is ten days after the election. Like others, I’m sorting through my own reactions. As I’ve talked with others, virtually everyone has had an emotional reaction to the election results. I’ve heard worries for safety of self and others. I’ve heard those asking over and over, “What happened and why?” I’ve heard some imagining, “How might less gridlock look (and even help)?”

Part of the reason for being a part of a religious community is to create space to do the work of “meaning making” together. Where do you stand on the issues that are arising? How might your deepest values guide your understanding? Where are you called to act? For me, a safety pin on my coat has emerged, as well as a wondering of how to build real bridges across what feels like a deep divide.

The transition has begun. In the days and weeks ahead, my hope is we create shared space for reflection and learning, and that we do so with honesty and with humility, cherishing diversity.  And in it all, that we sustain a spirit of love.

In care,

Rev. Sue

One response to “Wearing a Safety Pin

  1. Sue,

    Thank you for bringing this to our congregation’s attention.
    I think it’s a great idea. I will be looking for a safety pin.
    I think it’s particularly significant that you are using a diaper pin from
    your babies. For me any way, that gives it added meaning.

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