Toward Wholeness

This month our Soul Matters theme is “Healing” which Rev. Fred Recklau, in Partners In Care: Medicine and Ministry Together, distinguishes from a cure this way:

Cure vs. Healing

Cure may occur without healing; healing may occur without cure.
Cure alters what is; healing offers what might be.
Cure is an act; healing is a process.
Cure seeks to change reality; healing embraces reality.
Cure takes charge; healing takes time.
Cure avoids grief; healing assumes grief.
Cure speaks; healing listens.

A cure has an ‘over and done with’ sense. I know I want a clearly defined cure for an aching tooth, or struggling computer, or a broken down car. Yet, a crisp fix isn’t always possible. More often we need to step back far enough to consider what is changeable and what may not be, and from this fresh vantage point consider the path of healing, the path toward wholeness.

What needs healing in your life? What needs healing in our world? Can we do harm by focusing on a cure rather than the healing?

Not easy questions, and our long lists of everything that needs healing can be overwhelming. What if this month we each pick just one challenge in need of healing, and focus there. Maybe even just focus on a sliver of an issue.

What is the first step toward healing? What keeps the healing process going? This month we’ll explore the art of beginning and sustaining healing, and create opportunities to learn about healing together.

In gratitude for the ways we learn together,

Rev. Sue

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