The Web of Life

“It’s like a spider web!” They announced with pride. And they were right. The overlapping, zig-zag pattern of cris-crossing yarn threads we had created on the table we sat around looked just like a spider web. (Minus one of those fear-inducing arachnids.)

This was a typical Sunday lesson. One in which we focused on our seventh principle–the idea that we are all connected in the web of life. Like so many life lessons for kids, this was one that I quickly realized was every bit as pertinent to adults.

Interdependence is big word, but the children I sat with defined it pretty quickly as we created our class covenant, rules we want to abide by in our classroom:

“We should run outside in the grass together!”

“We should listen when someone is talking!”

“We should be nice so no one thinks church is a sad place!”

We ended our time together creating the  web on the table. Each one of us held onto a piece as we tossed the ball of yarn back and forth. We took turns tugging gently so others could feel how ones’ actions affect another.

And then, because they are kids, we went outside to look for the spider.

Join us Sunday mornings!

Patty Hamsher

One response to “The Web of Life

  1. Patty, It sounds like a great lesson. It must have been fun to participate with the kids in that activity. It is so much fun to listen to the thoughts/interpretations of the children.

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