Pondering Courage

Our theme for the month is ‘Courage. Courage is often highlighted in middle school adventure books where young teens away from home finds themselves stranded in the wilderness and this yet-to-be-hero teen needs to take bold actions to return to safety. Survival in these dramatic moments depends on the young adventurer’s calm under pressure, creative thoughts, physical prowess and often reliance on both established and precarious relationships.

While experiences of being in wilderness are sometimes tied to physical wilderness, more often wilderness experiences in our lives are times of deep uncertainty. We might sense wilderness when faced with transitions that are bittersweet, and we are lonely. We might feel in the wilderness when we need to adapt to conditions we could change, but yet need to adapt to somehow

While unsettling, times in the wilderness can useful periods of clarification. With some distance from a situation, we might find we tap into wells of hope we didn’t know were available. Courage in these circumstances may come as confidence to make changes. Courage may emerge as a sense of determination. Importantly, courage may be more readily uncovered when we rely upon relationships, both established and new.

What images does the theme ofcourage’ bring forth for you? Have times in the wilderness ever sources of courage? What stories come to mind?

Our monthly theme (this month ‘Courage’) offers chance to explore and learn more deeply together. If you are curious about our monthly themes, please check with me or Gayle Scroggs about the Soul Matters program and remember to check out the Soul Matters bulletin board by the kitchen.

Looking forward to this month of exploringCourage together.

In connection,
Rev. Sue


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