Nov. 4 Post-Election Message

Dear Members and Friends,

We awake this morning to the confirmation of what many had anticipated: we don’t yet know who won the presidential election. We had told one another the results would likely not be known on Tuesday, nonetheless it is unsettling to not have a clear result. It is going to take time to count all of the votes. Waiting is difficult, especially when the stakes feel high. I have faith that together we will get through the waiting part. We know that getting valid, supportable results matters.

I sense we awake this morning to something more. For many of us, our hearts feel heavy today, and this heaviness goes beyond just the uncertainty of the outcome. In some fresh way, these election results are revealing the depth of polarization in our country. These results are highlighting dramatic differences in priorities and in what constitutes effective leadership. These results have us questioning who is included in our nation’s vision for a just society, and even more basically, who is safe. I sense that while we had hoped to experience relief in this election being over, instead today many of us feel some combination of sadness, frustration, and worry.

Or your experience may be different than anything named above. We know we learn and are strengthened when we share our perspectives with one another, especially in the midst of unsettling times. In this spirit, tonight at 7 p.m. there will be an opportunity (Zoom gathering) for members and friends to share early reactions and emerging questions around the election. (See newsletter for specifics.)

As these next stages of the election unfold, and as the pandemic continues, please know you can reach out to me or members of the pastoral/caring teams in the congregation at any time for support.

In connection and care,
Rev. Sue

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