Letting Go

What if We Stopped Doing a Few Things?

We are offered lots of advice in life. At workshops on church leadership, experts tell us how to identify challenges, to observe with fresh perspective, and to lead from a spiritual core. We hear about the inevitability of change and how to prepare for change. We return from these workshops a bit smarter and more aware, our stack of marked up handouts in cool binders and colorful folders.

Good advice to be sure, yet the ideas and energy from the workshops often land quickly on a shelf or in a drawer. In our busyness we fall back to the rhythm of doing what know how to do, the way we know how to do it. It’s faster, more can be done, and we do it pretty darn well.

Soon (we promise ourselves) we’ll review those notes and make some changes. Soon. Well, pretty soon.

Once in a while a nugget from a conference sticks with us. Last year, a presenter at a session I attended on congregational life opened with this line: “If you want to grow, pick three things you do now and stop doing them.”

It’s not intuitive to heed her advice and do less. It’s even harder to decide which three things to stop doing. To improve, we want to add to our lists, not subtract. Yet I wonder, are there three things we should stop doing at UUFE? Would letting go and doing less of some things strengthen this community? Beyond UUFE, what might we stop doing in our lives?

This month we’ll explore the theme of letting go. We enter the conversation aware that at its core ‘letting go’ is an act of courage.

In gratitude for this community,
Rev. Sue

P.S. See the invitation to a special worship service and fall luncheon on October 25 elsewhere in the newsletter. We’ll celebrate the congregation’s 55th anniversary, and we’ll send long time member Edie Swallow off to her new home in New Jersey with love.

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