Is Your Schedule “Just Right”?

How full do you like your calendar to be? What’s your preferred balance of “need-to-be-somewhere” and free, flexible time? In the story of The Three Bears we hear of porridge that is “too hot”…”too cold” and “just right.”  What’s your “just right” as you look to scheduling the next weeks and months ahead?

When we commit to attend a book group meeting, or to volunteer to make lunches each month, or to drive the carpool to soccer practice, we create anchors in our schedule. There is comfort in these anchors. They mean we know where we’ll be, when we’ll be there, and often who we’ll be with. Others depend on us to reliably show up. Dentist appointments and haircuts also need slots on the calendar. The day-to-day activities of laundry, grocery store, and watering plants are worked in among the scheduled events.  It’s challenging to find the “just right” in our commitments.

I like a few “must dos” each day. I like to know “the what” and “the where” of at least parts of my day. Well-timed commitments offer predictable chances for connection and adventure, and a gentle-tired at the end of the day. At times commitments pile up, or inconveniently clump and weigh us down. We sense we’re “too busy” and long for free time. Other times days feel too open, and we sense a gap – a bit lost, or lonely. If maybe we risked making a few more commitments requiring dates on the calendar…what if, we wonder…

Our theme this summer at UUFE will be “Simplicity.” It will be a chance to explore how our values guide our commitments. It will also be a chance to pause and consider what we are grateful when we feel too busy, or not busy enough, or when the balance feels “just (about) right”!

In connection and love,

Rev. Sue

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