Invitations Are Already Waiting

When a small envelope arrives by mail and we’re invited to a party, shower, or wedding, the words ‘Please Come’ feel good. Even when we can’t make the event, it feels good to have been asked. Yet these personally addressed invitations, with all the particulars of time and place, are not that common. For practical reasons guest lists are often limited.

What about other invitations in our life? What of other invitations that are not quite as personalized, but that too offer the possibility of inclusion, of belonging, and of pleasure? These invitations are easy to miss.

Every Sunday at 10 a.m. at UUFE, our morning service is an invitation to a celebrate life. Every Sunday at 10 a.m. our Religious Education program is an invitation to explore and have fun. Our traditional church year kicks off on Sunday, September 13, and I’ve been working with Maureen Curtin, Patty Hamsher (our new RE Coordinator!), Peggy Sharp, Don Barker, and other congregational leaders to be sure all events (each event an invitation) are on the church calendar.

When a personal invitation arrives, we note the time on our calendar or graciously send regrets. We know our presence has been requested and we’ll be missed if we need to decline. Church events are like that, too. Everyone’s presence is valued each week. We are strengthened as a community each time the weekly invitation to be together is accepted, and we miss those not with us. The difference is that our guest list is never limited – all are welcome.

This fall I hope your calendar notes the invitation to be in community each Sunday morning at 10 a.m. Beyond Sundays, please check out our emerging fall calendar online and in our newsletter to see the many ways you are invited to engage, to lead and to serve.

With love and hope for the coming year,

Rev. Sue

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