Frederick Douglass Day 2015

This afternoon it was good to wander the exhibits, hear storytellers, singers and speakers, and of course eat, at Easton’s celebration in honor of Frederick Douglass. Every time I turned around I bumped into congregants from UUFE enjoying the spirit of the day. I’m so grateful to the leaders in Easton who again created an opportunity for connection, fun and learning. Rev. Sue

Am attaching a few pictures. (Reminder to all – take pics when you are at events – I missed a few opportunities.)JanetPfefferJudyAnglada


2 responses to “Frederick Douglass Day 2015

    1. Amazing to discover you were behind the search to map the way to “the birthplace of Frederick Douglass”! When I first moved to Easton, I googled it–and was fascinated by the effort someone had gone too…and curious why there was so little other celebration of FD in the area, aside from the fairly new annual celebration in Easton and the fairly new statue on the Talbot County Courthouse lawn. I’ve taken a photo of the sign by the bridge you note, and have always wanted to make my way to the actual location. Thanks…and want to visit there again with some UUFE-ers?

      I also was curious about the brouhaha over the erection of the FD statue (which is related to the current resistance to moving the Talbot Boy memorial) and found this resource:
      The book title is “On the Courthouse Lawn,” and the author Sherrill Ifill recounts how 5,000 blacks were lynched between 1890 and 1960–often on the courthouse lawn to emphasize who controlled “justice”…The dramas include some on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and one particularly interesting incident involving the Talbot County Courthouse. Guess who published the book? None other than Beacon Press!!

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