Fitting in Laughter this Season

Dec 17, 2020

Once in a while something strikes us as funny. Really funny. And we find ourselves laughing almost until we cry. Can you remember such a time? More often we laugh in smaller doses, during an evening of conversation, or on a phone call, or at a movie. It feels good to laugh and have fun.

In laughter we feel release. We have the experience of shared joy. Even in times of grief, as stories are shared, there is the natural weaving in of laughter with the tears. Humans are wired to laugh.

In 2020 I sense we have laughed less often than in most years. We’ve coped as we’ve needed to do. We have shown resilience. We’ve worried and been frustrated and sad. To be sure, we’ve laughed some, yet, on balance the social times which naturally lead to spontaneous smiles, giggles and laughs have just been fewer. And the circumstances have been trying.

I hope this season we notice the things which make us smile or outright laugh. Maybe it’s a funny posting on Facebook, or a moment during a Sunday service, or time with family, or the Christmas movie you’ve watched again and again. And when you notice such a moment, consider sharing your lightness with someone else. Chances are they will appreciate a chance to smile.

One opportunity for shared joy and fun will be UUFE’s Christmas Eve service (on Zoom), on December 24 at 4:30 p.m. Details (including an order of service!) will be coming shortly.

Wishing you joy in the many forms it will need to take this year,

Rev. Sue

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