Feeling Squirmy?

This is stewardship month at UUFE. It’s the month when we talk about money. No way to sugarcoat it. And for some folks just talking about sharing money gets them squirmy. Not a spiritual topic, some say.

Yet generosity and sharing are at the heart of Unitarian Universalist values. Stewardship is defined asmanaging something entrusted to one’s care.” Stewardship is about caring for something you want to be around for a while, and doing so with a generous spirit.

Stewardship is the manifestation of the “care” part of why we come together as a religious community. Stewardship is relational. Stewardship is hopeful – a forward extension of the love present when we gather.

We have the opportunity to be stewards of UUFE. We’re entrusted to care for a community that has been a presence on the Eastern Shore for 57 years. We’re responsible to manage through our decisions and leadership, through our time and energy, and through our financial support.

Each Member or Friend of UUFE has a different financial future, and individual financial stewardship commitments will be expressed with these realities in mind.

How will care for this community be possible for you this year? Look into the other faces that collectively are the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton and ask: How can I generously serve you? How might you generously serve me?

So squirm, ok. And squirm knowing the choice of how you can best share your financial resources with this community for the coming year is at its heart a profound spiritual choice.

In gratitude for the spirit of abundance and care at UUFE,

Rev. Sue

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