Beneath All of My Doing, Who Am I Being?

This past Sunday the sanctuary felt full. In part, it was that many were there, many wearing red in the spirit of the season. It felt full as Eamon Peach (6th grader!) accompanied Spirit of Life, and the choir sang. It felt full when Leigh Marquess and RE students showed the blanket they made for hospice. It felt full as many called out answers to questions about gifts that had been exchanged between a girl named Ellen and a caterpillar.

The theme of the service was discernment, and taking time for meaningful discernment. During the service I read a series of questions from a book entitled Discernment, written by priest and spiritual director Henri Nouwen.

After the service, many mentioned the questions. They seemed to raise stories and a readiness for more conversations. A few asked that I repeat the questions, so here they are…

Beneath all of my doing, who am I being?

Who am I?

To whom do I belong?

Who are my people, and what is my community?

What is my deepest desire for my life and for the lives of those I love?

What inner voices am I listening to?

What brings me joy?

One way to further conversation on these and similar questions is through small group ministry. We have one active Soul Matters group that gathers now, and are open to forming additional groups. These groups of 6-10 gather, commonly once a month, using a meeting structure which encourages conversations that go deeper, and which build trust in the group. If you are interested in being part of a small group, please contact Gayle Scroggs, Nancy Sawyer, or me to learn more.

Blessings and wishes for a love-filled 2017,

Rev. Sue

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