About the Transition to Fall

Greetings to all of you with ties to the congregation, and to those of you checking us out!

As we begin our church year and the return to our rhythms of fall, I find myself the reluctant to let summer go. Of late, I’ve been wondering why does the transition feel stark, and even unwelcome? Why do some of us declare autumn as “back to reality”? Isn’t summer “reality” too?

Summer for many is a time of less structure and different types of connection. Warm weather makes going out less cumbersome. Schedules are focused on social events with family and friends. From graduation season, to weddings and reunions, and crowded farmers markets and outdoor music, summer scrap books show our less serious, more relaxed, and even spontaneous sides. Calendars are less cluttered with rehearsals, and practices, and meetings. There is a rhythm allowed by longer days and ‘less’…yes, just less.

And too, there is excitement in the return to our fall/winter lives.

For those who feel a need to brace ourselves as we shift from summer to fall, let’s pause and ask what we can do to appreciate the sense of new purpose that comes with fall, and at the same time hold onto the spirit of relaxed connections which are ever-present in the summer. How might we brace less, and greet fall as a time to embrace new relationships, and new learning, and regular connection with community, and do so gently?

My hope is that regular participation in congregational life is affirming and renewing. I’m excited for what fall may bring and pause to ask, ‘How might we come together each week in joy, bringing forth the wonder of summer, and grateful for the different rhythms that will open this fall?’

Let’s find out together.

In connection,

Rev, Sue

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