Jean and Jerry (2) cropped 260xAugust 20 – Hymnal Lessons

At this service, UUFE member Jean Rhian will describe her personal journey of growing in UU faith and convictions through selections from our hymnal. Join us for a service rich in music and reflection.

Jean Rhian has served as President of the UUFE Board and is a long-time member of the Finance Committee and founding member of the Planned Giving Committee.   She also serves as the rental contact person for the Fellowship and enjoys singing in the choir and as a member of the congregation.


 K.C. LazzaraAugust 27 – The Purity of Spiritual Vision

Is the concept of “vision” a part of your spirituality? How might it become foundational to your spiritual growth beyond the bounds of religion or doctrine? At this service, Rev. Dr. Lazzara will consider how one’s vision can function as a compass to their spirituality. In turn, as one’s spirituality deepens, their original vision may change. This concept of vision will be explored alongside scripture, selected readings, and reflection.

As a Licensed Psychologist, Reverend Dr. Lazzara has worked with children, adolescents, and adults for over 20 years in both clinical and educational settings. Five years into private practice he enrolled at Ashland Theological Seminary and became ordained in April of 2016. In addition to treating patients, he  guest preaches regularly and volunteers in his spare time.

Nancy Orr 2015September 3 – Will You Seek in Far-Off Places?

The words of this UU hymn challenge us to consider why we voluntarily venture beyond the familiar to “parts unknown.”  Nancy Orr will share thoughts on the lure and the rewards of travel, with some examples from her own experience.   Is it escapism, decadent indulgence,  or a stretching of our perspectives beyond the boundaries of our own lives?

Nancy Orr is a long-time lay leader at UUFE. She is a past board president, past Worship Committee chair and frequently leads services at the fellowship. As a retired librarian, Nancy enjoys helping others explore new meanings in old language. Nancy is a long-time resident of the Eastern Shore.



2 thoughts on “Upcoming Sermons

  • August 13, 2017 at 11:07 am

    As my New Year’s resolution, brevity became a watchword.

    You all know me too well, I do run on & digress often.

    First I want this bully pulpit to acknowledge Don Barker’s fine touch.

    Knowing the summons’ subject in advance Is a big help to me and to us all

    Perhaps as grist for my brain, I will be intrigued, on the edge of my chair and not fall asleep. I am so embarrassed since most times I nod off when Rev. Sue preaches.

    And now for the commercial announcement. My website is posted faithfully by Don Barker. It tells my tale without all the digressions. my trademark. Confusing & unending,

    It also allows me to communicate with you without the cacophony of coffee hour.

    You see, with my bad hearing I can only smile and hope you are not asking me for a response, that is my biggest fear. This is why I’m often in the kitchen.

    Also I want you to know that I’m interested in your stories and that my ears let me down. Although I hate to waste your time, my earnest hanging on your every word nets me next to nothing.

    PLEASE GO to my blog site. A palm beach will appear & below that a series of chapters. Go to the last chapter, to Fiji and Beyond. This synopsis I wrote when it was fresh. September 1968, a few weeks after my return on Mamari 1965-68. Four years & 28,000. Three vessels Korsar, Rangitoto & Mamari.

    Then you can scroll down to the links to my PowerPoint show– Around the World in 80 Slides, Vignettes… Go to Kuma chapter 1 which will give you the sequence of events culminating in my departure from my job at Westinghouse there at the Bay bridge to start another extended cruise July 1980 – June 1981. Also read chapter 2 Constantinople.

    I write better than I speak, because I can dip my tongue into my brain, my pen into ink with the ability to delete from the text & write elsewhere my yarns. As my VI form English Master, “Bull” Cameron noted on my report card at St. Andrew’s School in 1956, “For Ken writing is a process of write, edit & write again…”

    All of these blogs are works in progress. Keeps me out of the bars & at age 78 give me a great deal that is fun to engage my interest and keep my grey matter churning. It works.

    You’ll find my blogs and written word much better than a first-hand conversation please try it and enjoy.

    I’m very proud of this I’ve written above, brevity, if not brief. Talking in bullets. Aloha

  • August 17, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    I can’t wait!! Will log into your yarns this afternoon, Ken. Looks like it’s going to rain again, so I’ll curl up, read, and explore your ideas and tales. Thank you!!


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