Benjamín Van Dyne 400xApril 30 – The Cost of the Promises

When promises are broken — our promises to ourselves, promises with our family and friends, and the promises we make a society — it’s natural to feel betrayed. In this sermon’s we’ll explore whether there’s value in not keeping our promises, to help us move from contracts to covenants, from enforcement to flourishing.

Benjamin Van Dyne is a seminarian at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, where he lives with his partner and year-old son. He grew up in the UU Church of Arlington, Virginia and has worked for ten years as an organizer in a variety of community and labor settings. Ben has preached in UU and Christian pulpits in DC, Virginia, New York, and now Maryland. His less sermonic thoughts can be found on Twitter at @benjaminvandyne


Sue Brown Moore 400xMay 7 – A Spiritual Journey to the Land of Hope and Dreams

The Old Testament Book of Exodus tells the story of the Hebrew peoples long and difficult journey from bondage in Egypt to the Promised Land. But much more meaningful than any question of its factual history, Exodus is important for its account of a people in search of their relationship with God. They are on a spiritual journey, and their journey has lessons to teach us as we travel our own journey. Come join guest Susan Moore and see! The choir will sing.

Susan Brown Moore was born and raised in northern New Jersey and has lived in Ohio, Minnesota and Maryland where she worked in her career as a social worker.  Susan retired a year and a half ago from her position as Assistant Director of the Talbot County Department of Social Services.  She resides with her husband Dave Moore in Easton where they enjoy camping and kayaking.  Susan is a lifelong Episcopalian and currently serves in a variety of leadership positions at Trinity Cathedral in Easton, MD.  She has been a regular lay preacher at the Cathedral over the last 7 years.

May 14 – Shine the Light of Love

Join us for our annual Flower Communion Service, where we’ll bring together and distribute flowers that represent the beauty in our lives. At this service, Rev. Sue Browning will explore the ways we learn to embody and exude deep sustaining care for ourselves, for one another, and for organizations like UUFE, as we ask, What helps us shine the ‘light of love’ together?

Note: The service will be followed by the Annual Meeting of the congregation.

May 21 – Music Celebration

If you have a passion for music, come join us for a worship service celebrating the joy that music brings to our lives. The Choir will sing and be directed by our Interim Choir Director, Kellie Thuman. Musically talented youth and adults in the Fellowship will share their music. The congregation will sing and participate in the service. Plan to come and join in this celebration!

May 28 – Our Foundations: A Service of Remembrance

Have you ever thought about the records of our lives? At this service, Rev. Sue Browning will consider the paper trails we leave for others using the example of the ‘papers’ of another minister who came into the congregation’s care several years ago. We will ask, What can we learn? What is helpful to share? To keep? To release? In honor of Memorial Day, the service will include an embracing meditation in memory of those who have died.

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