May 28 – Our Foundations: A Service of Remembrance

Have you ever thought about the records of our lives? At this service, Rev. Sue Browning will consider the paper trails we leave for others using the example of the ‘papers’ of another minister who came into the congregation’s care several years ago. We will ask, What can we learn? What is helpful to share? To keep? To release? In honor of Memorial Day, the service will include an embracing meditation in memory of those who have died


lorax book coverJune 4 – RE Sunday

At our annual RE Sunday service, we will celebrate our year of children’s religious education by focusing on The Lorax, a story that—much like our curriculum this year—illustrates how impactful small things can be. We will hear music and readings from our youth and honor the many volunteers who made RE happen at UUFE this year.






Election Night at FiveAndDime 400xJune 11 – What Happened to Me on Election Night

This is not about the politics.  It’s about me and you.  UUFE’s Don Barker:  “What happened to me on election night?  I lost my UU faith, spent a week in hell, peered into the abyss and saw Nirvana and Gotama the Buddha’s Royal City.  I’ll try to explain – with help from Dostoevsky, the Pali Canon, my favorite Zen teachers, and election night tweets from my kids.”



June 18 – The Roots of Character

An old adage says, “Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.” Character strengths come in many flavors. Character defines how we live our life, and how we’re perceived by others. At this service, Rev. Sue Browning will explore the roots of human character, including the historic Unitarian concept of “salvation by character.”



June 25 – The Music and Life of Woody Guthrie

Come for a service featuring the music and life of Woody Guthrie, coordinated by Dave Stevens and Dave Moore.

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