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2016 Service Auction
2016 Service Auction Signup155.6 KiB130
2016 Service Auction Signup164.1 KiB87
2016 Service Auction Signup228.1 KiB117
2016 Service Auction Signup183.0 KiB90
Board Policies
Alcoholic Beverage Use And Alcohol & Drug Abuse Policies 201326.0 KiB132
Annual Member Certification2.201425.5 KiB131
Childrens Safety Policy 2012 08-201216.6 KiB128
External Signage Policy26.0 KiB129
Guidelines For Announcements 624.5 KiB151
Policy For Cancellation Of UUFE Activities Due To Weather Conditions12.8 KiB141
Policy For Rental Of UUFE Building And Grounds 10-1325.6 KiB142
Policy For Sponsorship Of Community Events12.2 KiB137
Policy On Committee Coordination & Long Range Planning 115.5 KiB97
Policy On UUFE Outreach Collections And Special Collections10.7 KiB137
Policy On UUFE Salary Administration 5.12.201425.5 KiB138
Policy Regarding Disruptive Behavior 1217.7 KiB133
UUFE External Signage Policy26.0 KiB108
UUFE Media Policy 2015 06 1917.0 KiB230
UUFEChildrensSafetyPolicy2012-final8.2012 Docx - Shortcut2.2 KiB137
Building And Grounds Resources
Building Security System Procedure25.0 KiB209
Building Septic System355.0 KiB140
Caretaker Map1.3 MiB60
Custodial Contract35.5 KiB127
Custodial Duties - September 201531.0 KiB130
Description Of Contracted Custodial Services For UUFE23.0 KiB137
Door Lock Schedule22.0 KiB131
Forest Conservation Easement24.0 KiB142
Forest Conservation Easement30.0 KiB125
Grounds Caretaker Map56.4 KiB100
How To Make A Gift To UUFE From Your Estate 7-10-1131.0 KiB112
Interior Paint Schedule39.7 KiB156
Interior Paint Schedule41.0 KiB131
Manual For UUFE Building Maintenance1.8 MiB127
Recurring Maintenance Master List 1031.5 KiB119
UUFE Fire Evacuation Plan85.9 KiB122
UUFE HVAC Settings 2-6-1336.0 KiB120
UUFE HVAC System22.9 KiB136
UUFE Storage Policy40.0 KiB122
UUFE Bylaws 5 17 201559.5 KiB276
UUFE Bylaws May 201180.3 KiB367
UUFE Bylaws May 2013113.6 KiB370
UUFE Bylaws May 201369.0 KiB106
Congregational Ministry
CoCM Governance 372.9 KiB124
CoCM Governance 444.0 KiB117
CoCM Governance 486.3 KiB119
CoCM Governance 540.0 KiB115
CoCM Governance 586.3 KiB122
Covenant Of Right Relations51.9 KiB139
CRE Forms
Peace Camp Registration Form1.1 MiB160
UUFE Agreement To Teach Form - Final 8.201217.1 KiB119
UUFE Children Media Release Form13.2 KiB131
UUFE Transportation And Off Site Event Consent Form - Final 8.201217.8 KiB124
CRE Job Descriptions
2015-2016 UUFE CRE Job Description16.8 KiB147
RE Advertisement September 2015191.0 KiB101
CRE Policies
UUFE Behavior Policy For Children And Youth - Final 8.201220.7 KiB120
UUFE Children's Safety Policy 2012 - Final 8.201217.3 KiB122
Financial Policy & Planning
5 Yr Fin Plan Under Development9.9 KiB107
Policy - Collection Of Funds26.0 KiB114
Policy - UUFE Budget Change Authority22.5 KiB107
Policy On Dedicated Contributions23.5 KiB117
Policy On Handling Shortfall22.5 KiB106
Policy On Member Loans23.5 KiB123
Policy On Misc Income23.5 KiB133
Financial Process Guidelines
Financial Process Safeguards26.5 KiB140
Guidelines For Finance Committee Chair60.0 KiB128
How To Make A Gift To UUFE From Your Estate 5-11-1236.5 KiB121
ReimbursementFormFY201249.5 KiB127
UUFE Budget Development Process30.6 KiB126
UUFE Procedures For Special Collections44.0 KiB121
Financial Reports
2015 04 April MONTHLY BALANCE SHEET9.7 KiB127
2015 04 April MONTHLY I&E26.5 KiB123
AUG 2015 MONTHLY I&E26.1 KiB47
INC & EXP REPORT 8-1127.5 KiB98
INC&EXP REP 1-1327.7 KiB98
INC&EXP REP.12-1226.6 KiB112
INC&EXP REP.3-1327.4 KiB128
INC&EXP REP.5-1226.9 KiB125
INC&EXP REPORT10-1226.7 KiB115
INC&EXP REPORT6-1226.8 KiB116
INC&EXP-JULY1127.0 KiB110
INC&EXPREP.5-1327.9 KiB94
INC&EXPREP.8-1226.2 KiB126
INC&EXPREPORT4-1149.6 KiB106
INC&EXPREPORT8-1131.3 KiB107
Income & Expense By Month33.4 KiB90
JULY 2015 I&E25.8 KiB55
James Marshall Bank - 2004
20040311 Shared Ministry49.5 KiB60
James Marshall Bank - 2005
2005 Thxgvg Blessing13.4 KiB58
It Is Spring Again37.0 KiB67
James Marshall Bank - 2006
20061111 Finding Room To Celebrate34.0 KiB47
Building Of The Ark38.0 KiB51
Building Of The Ark45.1 KiB154
Dark Days Of Soul33.5 KiB48
Emerson- Lords Sup34.0 KiB64
Emerson-Lords Sup32.5 KiB77
Finding Room To Celebrate37.5 KiB80
Gospel Per Sherlock Holmes38.0 KiB90
Inner Languages41.5 KiB59
Mitra's Sermon38.0 KiB76
Modern UU41.0 KiB62
Simple Truths34.0 KiB60
The Modern UU37.5 KiB54
The Ones We Honor30.0 KiB53
Way To Forgiveness34.0 KiB56
Where Are We Going32.5 KiB57
James Marshall Bank - 2007
20070204 Black Like Me29.0 KiB79
20070218 Hearing The Call29.0 KiB71
20070304 Sermon On The Amount9.3 KiB158
20070401 Still Small Voice37.5 KiB51
20070415 Tolerance To Respect39.0 KiB75
20070507 Things We Cannot Tolerate39.0 KiB74
James Marshall Bank - Undated
Body Electric39.6 KiB42
Bridge Of Time29.0 KiB95
Death Stories51.0 KiB96
Gulley-Ballou-excerpting43.5 KiB88
Mind Of Paul30.5 KiB88
Satan The Buffoon29.0 KiB107
Speaking To Our Young Adults32.0 KiB83
The Minister As Pastor203.4 KiB71
The Minister As Prophet - James M Bank208.9 KiB83
The Minister As Wounded Healer - James Bank112.7 KiB92
The Transient And Permanent In Christianity43.8 KiB76
James Marshall Bank - World Religions
1 Earth Songs Indd45.3 KiB74
2 Hinduism Indd40.8 KiB63
3 Buddhism Indd42.9 KiB98
4 Killing The Buddha103.0 KiB97
5 Judaism Indd51.1 KiB78
6 Christianity Indd47.0 KiB86
7 Islam Indd41.5 KiB76
8 Humanism Indd39.5 KiB83
9 Avoiding Fundamentalisms105.2 KiB65
Lakota Sprituality - John Moore
Lakota And Kiowa Recipes429.7 KiB472
Lakota Prayer Song 1165.7 KiB221
Lakota Prayer Song 2356.2 KiB167
Leadership History
Board And Chairs 2006-200710.4 KiB118
Board And Chairs 2007-200854.7 KiB129
Board And Chairs 2008-200959.8 KiB128
Board And Chairs 2009-201058.7 KiB120
Board And Chairs 2010-2011101.3 KiB124
Board And Chairs 2011-201299.5 KiB134
Board And Chairs 2012-2013135.1 KiB126
Board And Chairs 2013-201471.3 KiB123
Board And Chairs 2014-201556.6 KiB97
Newsletters - 2004
Dec04-cal143.6 KiB52
Dec04-pg1209.9 KiB64
Dec04-pg2217.9 KiB65
Dec04-pg3226.5 KiB64
Dec04-pg4247.9 KiB51
Dec04-pg5230.3 KiB54
Dec04-pg6253.3 KiB66
Dec04-pg7250.6 KiB62
Dec04-pg8109.0 KiB63
Nov04-cal120.6 KiB65
Nov04-pg1177.0 KiB59
Nov04-pg2257.6 KiB52
Nov04-pg3205.4 KiB52
Nov04-pg4222.3 KiB54
Nov04-pg5220.4 KiB57
Nov04-pg6195.5 KiB53
Nov04-pg7261.6 KiB54
Oct04-cal131.4 KiB56
Oct04-pg1206.4 KiB69
Oct04-pg2261.3 KiB68
Newsletters - 2005
Apr05-cal113.3 KiB63
Apr05-pg1185.5 KiB59
Apr05-pg2282.1 KiB72
Apr05-pg3211.1 KiB65
Apr05-pg4210.8 KiB60
Apr05-pg5236.7 KiB63
Apr05-pg6200.6 KiB70
Apr05-pg7216.8 KiB48
Apr05-pg8246.1 KiB46
Dec05-cal133.6 KiB58
Dec05-pg1199.2 KiB54
Dec05-pg2252.0 KiB62
Dec05-pg3251.9 KiB64
Dec05-pg4255.4 KiB57
Dec05-pg5256.5 KiB70
Dec05-pg6198.2 KiB67
Dec05-pg7230.0 KiB61
Dec05-pg8129.0 KiB71
Feb05-Cal142.8 KiB47
Feb05-pg1206.8 KiB59
Newsletters - 2006
Apr06-cal127.5 KiB66
Apr06-pg1204.5 KiB63
Apr06-pg2251.9 KiB58
Apr06-pg3202.5 KiB63
Apr06-pg4248.5 KiB55
Apr06-pg5244.5 KiB62
Apr06-pg6227.5 KiB48
Apr06-pg7229.4 KiB67
Apr06-pg8142.6 KiB69
Aug06-cal105.3 KiB51
Dec06291.4 KiB81
Dec06-cal176.9 KiB174
Feb06-cal122.7 KiB50
Feb06-pg1188.7 KiB56
Feb06-pg2282.5 KiB50
Feb06-pg3276.2 KiB49
Feb06-pg4260.5 KiB63
Feb06-pg5235.3 KiB64
Feb06-pg7248.8 KiB46
Feb06-pg8230.8 KiB52
Newsletters - 2007
Apr07351.1 KiB81
Dec07342.2 KiB88
Dec07-cal106.7 KiB83
Feb07312.1 KiB86
Mar07-cal95.1 KiB73
Newsletters - 2008
Apr08272.1 KiB82
Apr08-cal27.8 KiB83
Dec08417.6 KiB115
Feb08322.5 KiB85
Feb08-cal59.3 KiB86
Newsletters - 2009
Apr09284.2 KiB88
Dec09392.1 KiB83
Newsletters - 2010
Apr10473.6 KiB108
Dec10842.3 KiB95
Newsletters - 2011
Apr11837.0 KiB103
Dec111.0 MiB92
Newsletters - 2012
Apr12859.1 KiB71
Dec12886.0 KiB106
Newsletters - 2013
Apr131.1 MiB120
Dec131.1 MiB119
Newsletters - 2014
Apr14909.5 KiB102
Dec141.3 MiB109
Feb14858.7 KiB97
Jan14840.4 KiB101
JulAug141.1 MiB94
Jun14744.1 KiB113
Mar141.0 MiB106
May14744.6 KiB125
Nov14662.2 KiB111
Oct141.1 MiB101
Sep14970.4 KiB115
Newsletters - 2015
2015 01 Jan151.3 MiB76
2015 02 Feb153.4 MiB58
2015 03 Mar159.2 MiB74
2015 04 April 2015 UUFE9.9 MiB79
2015 05 May 2015 UUFE1.6 MiB64
2015 06 June UUNewsletter3.8 MiB70
2015 07 July-Aug UUNewsletter2.8 MiB63
2015 09 September UUNewsletter2.1 MiB43
2015 10 October 2015 UUFE Newsletter2.1 MiB70
2015 11 24 UU LiFE 24 Nov 2015221.8 KiB75
2015 11 24 UU LiFE Holiday Ritual221.8 KiB43
2015 11 28 UU LiFE 28 Nov 2015324.9 KiB91
2015 11 November15 UUNewsletter1.3 MiB99
2015 12 03 UU LiFE 3 Dec 2015313.4 KiB75
2015 12 08 UU LiFE 8 Dec 2015416.6 KiB53
2015 12 15 UU LiFE 15 Dec 2015557.4 KiB72
2015 12 23 UU LiFE 23 Dec 2015490.4 KiB63
2015 12 30 UU LiFE 30 Dec 2015478.4 KiB50
2015 12 December15 UUNewsletter1.0 MiB82
Newsletters - 2016
2016 01 06 UU LiFE - Death With Dignity257.1 KiB53
2016 01 06 UU LiFE 5 Jan 2016257.1 KiB60
2016 01 14 UU LiFE - Auction Catalog135.5 KiB77
2016 01 19 UU LiFE - Shalagh Hogan339.2 KiB74
2016 01 26 UU LiFE - Sara Poly & Nancy Sawyer301.8 KiB130
2016 01 Jan 2016 UU Newsletter1.4 MiB29
2016 01 January2016 UUNewsletter1.4 MiB108
2016 02 04 Walt Whitman Sermon195.9 KiB53
2016 02 11 Spiritual Path In Mexico217.4 KiB44
2016 02 Feb 2016 UU Newsletter1.7 MiB102
NLDC Files
Committee Chair Binder Suggestions13.1 KiB80
Committee Leadership Dev Report Summaries15.2 KiB116
Committee Leadership Development Report - Blank13.2 KiB102
Leadership Development Plan 2.16.201148.0 KiB77
NLDC Annual Task Calendar36.5 KiB66
NLDC Budget10.4 KiB115
NLDC Calendar 2012-201313.9 KiB91
Training Fund Requests23.0 KiB86
UUFE Leadership Orientation Proposal14.9 KiB93
UUFE Skills Inventory21.4 KiB63
Personnel Policies And Forms
UUFE Annual Work Performance Review -Appendix A22.9 KiB403
UUFE Personnel Manual -8 2015134.0 KiB126
UUFE Personnel Manual Acknowledgement Form55.5 KiB128
UUFE Personnel Manual Approved 03.13.2012108.5 KiB98
UUFE Personnel Manual Final90.0 KiB121
UUFE Personnel P&P Manual Rev.1-1344.0 KiB95
UUFE Superv's Guide Rev 1-13-128.0 KiB126
UUFE Supervisor's Guidelines- Final Draft15.8 KiB385
LRP 2010-2015 Final For FY 2012-201360.0 KiB116
PDF - Policy On Committee Coordination & Long Range Planning 115.5 KiB133
Policy On Committee Coordination & Long Range Planning 1123.0 KiB118
Position Descriptions
Administration Volunteer26.5 KiB134
Adult Enrichment Job Descriptions22.0 KiB130
Aesthetics SC Chair30.5 KiB136
Archivist20.0 KiB122
B&G Comm Chair42.5 KiB101
Bldg Maint SC Chair33.0 KiB114
Caring Circles Coordinator40.5 KiB122
Chair, Worship Committee29.5 KiB122
Clerk26.5 KiB120
Finance Committee Chair53.5 KiB136
Greeter25.5 KiB129
Grounds & Landscaping SC Chair38.5 KiB132
Hospitality Task Force Chair28.0 KiB113
Member Services Chair 11-1029.5 KiB120
Member, Member Services30.0 KiB125
Mini-ministry Coordinator35.5 KiB129
Nom & Ldrshp Devel Chair30.5 KiB131
Nursery Supervisor33.5 KiB121
Personnel Committee Member35.0 KiB117
President28.5 KiB114
Sermons - By Others
Consider69.0 KiB84
Hope Sermon Just Text38.6 KiB110
Jesus Sermon291.0 KiB126
THREE SELVES Sermon54.0 KiB99
ToBowandtoBend18.3 KiB93
Sermons - Dan Higgins
20070708 Higgins - Elevator Challenge38.0 KiB97
20071021 Higgins - Unrepentent Liberal39.0 KiB105
20071104 Higgins - UU Saints41.0 KiB80
20071126 Higgins - Thx Visitor40.0 KiB83
20071202 Higgins - What Child Is This35.0 KiB79
20071226 Higgins - Sounds In The Silence40.0 KiB74
20080116 Higgins - Anticipating The Future37.5 KiB64
20080203 Higgins - Odyssey42.5 KiB82
20080504 Higgins - Love & Justice38.0 KiB75
20080601 Higgins - Theology Of Sailing36.0 KiB121
Dan Higgins - Paradigm - 25 May 2003226.2 KiB91
Sermons - Dwayne Eutsey
20070701 Shaw - Comments On Freedom30.0 KiB56
20070722 Eutsey - Communion53.5 KiB74
20070923 Eutsey - Dandelion Faith76.5 KiB63
20070923 Eutsey - Dandelion Faith 267.0 KiB49
20090816 Eutsey - Twain Hindu Sermon56.5 KiB78
20091227 Eutsey - Winter44.0 KiB101
20110731 Eutsey - Spaced Out Theology33.8 KiB82
20121229 Eutsey - Serenity Prayer27.9 KiB108
20130317 Eutsey - Booger Dances And Trickster Gods32.1 KiB83
20150208 Eutsey - Love And Leprechauns33.7 KiB99
Booger Dances-Trickster Gods56.0 KiB112
Eutsey - No 44 Book Review56.0 KiB133
Father's Day - Eutsey31.0 KiB114
Mark Twain Among The Unitarians48.0 KiB106
Who Do You Say That I Am - Jesus Sermon - Eutsey291.0 KiB57
Sermons - Gabrielle Parks
20090426 Parks - Change40.5 KiB79
20090503 Parks - Climate Change39.5 KiB77
20091004 Parks - UU History And Theology46.5 KiB83
20101212 Parks - Buddhism And The Bible19.5 KiB84
20101219 Parks - Right Speech20.4 KiB93
20110109 Parks - Right Speech18.0 KiB91
20110206 Parks - Candlemas19.6 KiB93
20111211 Parks - Sermon Translations For Website42.0 KiB79
20120108 Parks - Our Place In The Cosmos For The Web41.5 KiB78
20120109 Parks - Marriage Equality For The Web35.0 KiB72
20120827 Parks - Soul43.5 KiB105
Parks - Coming Out46.5 KiB234
Parks - Communion For UUs40.0 KiB160
Parks - Ethics40.5 KiB147
Parks - Religion Science And The Image Of God49.0 KiB87
Parks - The Big Blue Book53.0 KiB116
Sermons - John Turner
20070715 Turner - Blessings46.5 KiB62
20070916 Turner - All Plans Are Subject To Change37.0 KiB65
20071111 Turner - Nonbelievers43.0 KiB59
20080622 Turner - Doors41.0 KiB73
PetsInOurLives49.0 KiB82
Three Unseen Guests41.0 KiB100
Sermons - Paul Sharp
20090823 Sharp - Paradox Of Religion49.0 KiB76
20110220 Sharp - The Hole In The Soul21.8 KiB70
20110703 Sharp - Struggle For Freedom47.5 KiB78
Sermons - Paula Maiorano
20080921 Maiorano - Into Me See39.0 KiB64
20090517 Maiorano - Beautiful Imperfections40.0 KiB64
Sermons - Sue Browning
20141019 Browning - Finding Hope In The Headlines311.2 KiB72
Are We There Yet, Sue Browning, Dec 1, 2013156.4 KiB80
Called To Create - Sue Browning - Nov 3, 2013265.1 KiB78
Our Many Unique Families, Sue Browning, Dec 15, 2013217.0 KiB87
Sue Browning - To Rock The Boat, Or Not - Jan 4, 2015216.2 KiB74
Sue Browning - Are We There Yet, Dec 1, 2013156.4 KiB72
Sue Browning - Bringing Forth Our Gifts - Mar 2, 2014279.1 KiB145
Sue Browning - Called To Create - Nov 3, 2013265.1 KiB60
Sue Browning - Finding Hope In The Headlines - Oct 19, 2014311.2 KiB78
Sue Browning - Finding Perspective Through Nature - November 16, 2014293.4 KiB243
Sue Browning - Grace As A Source Of Confidence - Nov 2, 2014218.1 KiB68
Sue Browning - Growing Through Gratitude - July 27, 2014211.2 KiB73
Sue Browning - Heaven On Earth - January 19, 2014216.6 KiB86
Sue Browning - In The Spirit Of Life - April 20, 2014286.4 KiB64
Sue Browning - Living Into Possibility - April 5, 2015208.3 KiB61
Sue Browning - Looking Back, Looking Forward - Sept 1, 2013262.3 KiB69
Sue Browning - Love Reaches Out - July 13, 2014211.1 KiB87
Sue Browning - Loving Our Imperfect Natures - Sept 21, 2014210.7 KiB82
Sue Browning - Loving Our Imperfect Natures - Sept 21, 201463.5 KiB79
Sue Browning - Melding Our Challenges, Melding Our Gifts - March 22, 2015129.7 KiB76
Social Justice Outreach Collections
SJC Outreach Funds Raised 2011-201349.2 KiB115
SJC Outreach Funds Raised 2014-201522.1 KiB109
Social Justice Posters 2011
SJC Poster 12 Teen Court123.1 KiB62
SJC Poster 19 Mental Health178.4 KiB77
SJC Poster 2 Good Samaritan172.1 KiB56
SJC Poster 20 Good Samaritan Fund173.7 KiB50
SJC Poster 23 Pickering Creek144.6 KiB80
SJC Poster 3 TIS119.0 KiB90
SJC Poster 36 Fresh Start199.7 KiB74
SJC Poster 38 LEAP178.3 KiB84
SJC Poster 4 Midshore Riverkeeper371.3 KiB74
SJC Poster Pastor Luc Dec 2011349.7 KiB86
Social Justice Posters 2012
SJC Poster 1 Rebuilding Together127.6 KiB77
SJC Poster 2011-2012 0.1- 9 Causes & Events421.8 KiB42
SJC Poster 2011-2012 0.2- 8 Causes & Events342.5 KiB71
SJC Poster 2012 2 Good Samaritan152.5 KiB72
SJC Poster 2012 45 Fracking Moratorium Now549.5 KiB77
SJC Poster 21 Family Mediation115.6 KiB76
SJC Poster 21 Family Mediation-Mid114.1 KiB45
SJC Poster 24 Talbot Mentors 2012145.3 KiB87
SJC Poster 3 TIS Oct 2012129.4 KiB80
SJC Poster 34 Migrant Ministry July 2012144.6 KiB68
SJC Poster 34 Migrant Ministry Jun 2012149.8 KiB76
SJC Poster 39 AKA-KTO Scholarship Nov 2012175.1 KiB64
SJC Poster 39 Alpha Kappa Alpha170.9 KiB61
SJC Poster 4 Midshore Riverkeeper 2012171.7 KiB64
SJC Poster 40 Camp Seagull Aug 2012137.6 KiB72
SJC Poster 44 Common Cause For UUFE262.4 KiB72
SJC Poster 8x Dec 2012 Fair Trade Coffee Flavor113.6 KiB37
SJC Poster Dec 2012 Fair Trade Coffee Flavor113.6 KiB67
SJC Poster Dec 2012 Good Samaritan154.0 KiB41
SJC Poster For Year Jun 2012421.8 KiB71
Social Justice Posters 2013
SJC Poster 2013 #34 Migrant Ministry - Worker's Needs - Jun-Jul167.0 KiB57
SJC Poster 2013 #36 Fresh Start - Aug 8x167.7 KiB51
SJC Poster 2013 34 Migrant Ministry173.8 KiB67
SJC Poster 2013 34 Migrant Ministry - Worker's Needs - Jun-Jul167.0 KiB59
SJC Poster 2013 36 Fresh Start - Aug167.7 KiB58
SJC Poster 24 May 2013 Talbot Mentors117.7 KiB54
SJC Poster 34 Jun 2013 Migrant Ministry174.2 KiB39
SJC Poster 4 2013 Apr Riverkeeper196.3 KiB49
SJC Poster 8x May 2013 - DalaiLama Lecture162.2 KiB58
SJC Poster AKA-KTO Nov 2013166.2 KiB60
SJC Poster Apr 2013 HHSudanP133.8 KiB68
SJC Poster Apr 2013 Riverkeeper196.3 KiB61
SJC Poster Apr 2014 Midshore177.4 KiB80
SJC Poster Aug 2013 36 Fresh Start167.7 KiB79
SJC Poster F-12 HHSudanP Apr2013133.8 KiB61
SJC Poster Feb 2013 Family Mediation-MidshoreCMC114.2 KiB73
SJC Poster Good Samaritan Dec 2013168.0 KiB55
SJC Poster Jan 2013 F-11 My Lai146.1 KiB84
SJC Poster Jan 2013 F-9 Aguayuda210.3 KiB73
SJC Poster Jul 2013 40 Camp Seagull137.5 KiB63
Social Justice Posters 2014
Aguayuda Sep 2014 Poster412.8 KiB82
AKA Nov 2014 Poster337.4 KiB85
Camp Seagull July 2014 Poster174.2 KiB78
Good Samaritan Poster 12 14191.9 KiB50
SJC Poster Aguayuda Sep 2014412.7 KiB38
SJC Poster Camp Seagull Jul 2014174.0 KiB48
SJC Poster Feb 2014 Mediation96.4 KiB44
SJC Poster Jun 2014 CMRC227.0 KiB76
SJC Poster Jun 2014 The Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center215.2 KiB75
SJC Poster Jun-Jul 2013 #34 Migrant Ministry - Worker Needs167.2 KiB73
SJC Poster May 2014 Talbot Mentors140.8 KiB81
SJC Poster Mediation Feb 201496.2 KiB50
SJC Poster Phillips Wharf Jan 2014280.0 KiB76
SJC Poster Thorium Apr 2014210.6 KiB71
SJC Poster True North Apr 2014365.7 KiB70
Social Justice Posters 2015
2015PeaceDaySalisburyMd251.1 KiB90
Emerson Cafe - Feb2015284.7 KiB79
Mediation Poster 2 15290.5 KiB81
Peace Poster 3 15102.9 KiB74
Phillips Wharf Poster 2 15463.0 KiB88
Archive - How To Add Documents261.6 KiB197
Archive - How To Limit Access Or Delete Documents346.0 KiB192
Calendar - How To Add A New Event494.4 KiB241
Mobile - How To Follow UUFE On Your Smartphone153.7 KiB205
Newsletter - How To Blog Your UUFE Newsletter Item306.7 KiB189
Password - How To Log In And Change Password254.6 KiB207
Password - How To Recover Lost Password122.6 KiB172
Pictures - Add And Position Them In Your Blog Or Web Page384.4 KiB194
Pictures - Show A Picture In Blog Or Event Lists336.9 KiB185
Order Of Service, UUFE75.6 KiB143
Position Description Worship Committee Member9.6 KiB131
Position Description, Chair, Worship Committee93.6 KiB141
Usher Procedures65.7 KiB152
ZLanding Pages
Landing Atheist184.1 KiB89
Landing Emerson239.2 KiB100
Landing Gay Community177.0 KiB111
Landing Independent228.5 KiB103
Landing Interfaith Families159.1 KiB90
Landing Interfaith Marriage158.8 KiB97
Landing Questioning167.8 KiB107
Landing Seeking129.5 KiB109
Landing Spiritual270.1 KiB99
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