Our Mission

We help UUFE committees stay in touch with members and with the larger community.  We help members stay in touch with each other.   We want to make the UUFE web site an effective channel for these dialogues.  And to use news media and social media to effectively communicate our message to the community.

What We Do

We manage the UUFE web site and Facebook presence, monthly newsletter, UU liFE weekly emails, and our highway sign on US 50.  We also publicize UUFE events and communicate our values through local news media.

Some UUFE social media resources:

Find all UUFE Committees’ online resources here.

Who We Are

Don Barker manages our web site and social media channels.
Lauren Harton is administrator of our Facebook account.
Chris Hall manages and posts the messages on our highway sigh.

How to Contact Us

Share with us your ideas about how to improve communication within our Fellowship and with our larger community.  Keep in touch.  Email us at newsletter@uufeaston.org .

Opportunities to Serve with Us

We’re always looking for millenials (and m-minded) members and friends to bring fresh ideas, skills, and energy to our social media mission.  Contact any of us to find out how to connect with our work

Why We Serve