sjc-logoThrough the Social Justice Committee, UUFE is involved in
numerous projects aimed at promoting social justice in the community and in the world at large.

Through outreach collections, the Social Justice Committee supports a wide range of efforts — from teen court to river restoration, from helping the homeless inour own back yards to reaching out to the needy in Haiti. Each recipient group is carefully scrutinized to ensure that our funds will make a difference in the lives of needy people.  See our financial record of Outreach collections since 2011, our gallery of Outreach posters, and our searchable archive of Outreach posters.

Through outreach and special collections, the committee’s small annual budget, and the efforts of our volunteers, we support numerous social causes with our funds, our energy, and our hearts.

November’s Outreach Collection will be to support the AKA/KTO Sororities annual scholarship which goes to a local student who will be starting college next fall. This is the third year that we have raised funds to support this worthy cause. The collection will be held as part of the service on Sunday November 8.

Projects We Support

  • Habitat for Humanity – Several members of UUFE are very active in building affordable homes for people who cannot manage the high costs of buying a home without some help.
  • Talbot Interfaith Shelter – The Social Justice Committee spearheaded UUFE’s involvement with the Talbot Interfaith Shelter project in which homeless people are being sheltered and fed during the coldest part of the Winter. UUFE’s Lisa Menditch is a TIS founder. TIS is a wonderful opportunity for UUFE members to volunteer. Jack Harrald now is a member and secretary of the TIS Board. He has replaced Lisa on the Board and as UUFE coordinator of the TIS two week stay at our Fellowship.
  • Hunger Coalition Lunches – Members of UUFE’s Social Justice Committee help prepare and deliver lunches that are delivered to approximately 90 people in need and residents of a local homeless shelter. Mary Young has been a tireless participant in the Hunger Coalition for many years. At a cost of $510 per year for all groceries, this is a bargain, thanks to Mary’s shopping skills.
  • Educate two school girls in Ghana  – At $240 per year for the pair, this is a bargain and the road to literacy and a better life, one out of poverty. This is a project of the UU UNO, the Unitarian Universalist’s – United Nations Office. We have supported this cause starting in 2009.


Featured Hunger Lunch Coalition

UUFE at Multicultural Festival

UUFE at Multicultural Festival