Our Mission


UUFE aspires to be a good employer providing equitable treatment for all employees.


Who We Are


The UUFE Personnel Committee reports to the UUFE Board and ideally consists of 2-3 persons who work together to achieve our Mission.  The Committee members assure that UUFE personnel policies and procedures are current and are being followed, manage employment contracts, perform required background checks, maintain personnel files, and annually review salary and benefits of all UUFE employees.


What We Do


The UUFE Personnel Committee is responsible for ensuring that just, fair, and legal employment policies and practices are used for UUFE employees and their supervisors.


How to Contact Us


Send your request to uufe@goeaston.net and indicate in the header that the communication is for the Personnel Committee.


Opportunities to Serve with Us


Ideally a member of the Personnel Committee will have familiarity with human resources, contracts, or legal background, although this specific background is not explicitly required.  Please contact us if you have an interest in becoming a member of the Personnel Committee.