This archive is maintained by the Nomination and Leadership Development Committee.

Administration Volunteer26.5 KiB134
Adult Enrichment Job Descriptions22.0 KiB130
Aesthetics SC Chair30.5 KiB136
Archivist20.0 KiB122
B&G Comm Chair42.5 KiB101
Bldg Maint SC Chair33.0 KiB114
Caring Circles Coordinator40.5 KiB122
Chair, Worship Committee29.5 KiB122
Clerk26.5 KiB120
Finance Committee Chair53.5 KiB136
Greeter25.5 KiB129
Grounds & Landscaping SC Chair38.5 KiB132
Hospitality Task Force Chair28.0 KiB113
Member Services Chair 11-1029.5 KiB120
Member, Member Services30.0 KiB125
Mini-ministry Coordinator35.5 KiB129
Nom & Ldrshp Devel Chair30.5 KiB131
Nursery Supervisor33.5 KiB121
Personnel Committee Member35.0 KiB117
President28.5 KiB114
RE Committee Chair36.5 KiB92
RE Committee Member35.0 KiB107
RE Teacher33.5 KiB101
Stewardship Chair27.5 KiB112
Treasurer's Job Description June 201349.5 KiB115
Trustee Job Description25.0 KiB126
Vice President42.5 KiB106
Worship Committee Member22.5 KiB106

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