How well does your committee score when compared against these leadership best practices?

  • Does the committee have a mission statement?
  • Does the committee have written goals for this year?
  • Are all committee positions currently filled?
  • Is there a planned successor to lead this committee?
  • Does the committee have a defined process to recruit new members?
  • Does the committee make an effort to involve youth when appropriate?
  • Is orientation/training provided for new members?
  • Has the committee written and kept up-to-date descriptions of committee jobs/roles? Have these been submitted to the Nominating & Leadership Development Committee for inclusion in the job description archive for the Fellowship?
  • Does the committee leadership request feedback from committee members?
  • Does the committee have a written agenda for meetings?
  • Are minutes taken at each meeting and sent out to committee members?
  • Are jobs shared among committee members?
  • Does the committee share their accomplishments with the congregation?
  • Does the committee chairperson periodically thank its members by phone, e-mail, or card?

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