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Silent Auction Items

Good Eats


wine chocolateWine & Chocolate

Laura Winne & Liz Hausburg

Take home a soul-nourishing basket put together by Laura and Liz, to share with a favorite adult or indulge yourself.

Value: $40,  Min. bid: $20


Homemade Cookies

Jane Terebey

At least three (3) dozen Oatmeal Coconut, Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Mint Snow Top cookies made to order and delivered to the Fellowship. Not available Nov. 28 to Dec. 14 or May 1 to June 15.  Perfect for tea or dessert.

Value:  $20, Min. bid:  $15


Holiday Cookies

Ann Davis

Ann will bake five dozen Christmas cookies – a variety of favorites that is bound to include chocolate.  You can arrange for delivery in the second half of December.

Value:  $30, Min. bid:  $20


Homemade Minestrone and Home-baked Bread

Rita & Don Barker

Rita and Don will prepare and deliver soup for four and two loaves of bread baked that day or the previous evening. The Barkers will talk with you about what you want and bake to order – providing you with Personal Bakers.

Value:  $50, Min. bid:  $25


Homemade Chili & Wine

Randy Bellows

When family comes to visit, let Randy prepare this robust meal for everyone — a heart healthy chili so thick that your spoon may stand up in it! Ground turkey, beans, veggies, mushrooms, tomato base, plus corn bread.  This magnificent chili needs a full day, including six hours of cooking, to prepare.  Choose two bottles of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, or white wine to accompany.  Randy needs at least one week notice, and will deliver in Easton, Royal Oak or St. Michaels.  Serves 8 to 10.

Value: $100, Min. bid:  $50


Homemade Granola

April & Lauren Harton

Lauren and April make their own yummy-nutritious granola and are providing two different kinds for the lucky winner to take home after the auction. Come taste test.

Value: $30, Min. bid: $15


Bartlett Pear Bakery Certificate

Maggie Garey & Ken Court

Enjoy a meal at Easton’s new bakery and full-service breakfast spot on Harrison Street across from the Bartlett Pear Inn.  Great food, down-home atmosphere.

Value:  $25, Min. bid: $15


roasterFresh Coffee, For Real

Phillip Sawyer

Phillip imports beans from Kenya, Guatemala, and other countries that produce good coffee — you can ask him for a specific destination! He roasts the beans on a dedicated roaster. Give yourself the treat of truly fresh-roasted coffee — there might be no turning back.

Value: $15 for 12 oz. Min. bid: $8 for 12 oz.



Curried Chicken

Janet Pfeffer

Try Janet’s best dish, involving custom curry powder and a yogurt-tomato sauce, with Indian veggies to accompany.  Serves six.  Specify mild, medium, or spicy hot and arrange for delivery.

Value:  $75, Min. bid:  $30


Home & Garden


cutting board 300xHandmade Cutting Board

Doug Hamsher is offering a handmade, wooden cutting board.  The functional or decorative board is made from red and white oak, local maple and mahogany.  You can pet it at the auction.

Value: $45           Min. bid: $25


Custom Memory Wreath

Shalagh Hogan

Shalagh will take items such as pictures, ornaments, fabric, dried flowers, costume jewelry, then add to them on a wreath and embellish it to hang in your house for remembrance and enjoyment. $30 min. $75 value.

Value:  $75, Min. bid: $30


jean's partyHelp for the Hapless Hostess

Shalagh Hogan

Not only will Shalagh help you plan the menu and deck your halls (whatever the season), she will assist with the actual preparation and production of your event as well.

Value: $100, Min. bid: $50


Quality Sewing Machine

Jean Rhian

Janome Model 6019 sewing machine with sewing lesson for this machine, if desired. Comes with carrying case and is in excellent condition.


Miniature Quilts Created by Kathy Ratcliffe

Ann Davis

Ann Davis is donating three hand-sewn 8 x 8 inch miniature quilts are inspired by 19th century designs. They are framed in hand grained frames with conservation glass creating 15 x 15 inch pieces of art.  The three pieces are: “Star of Bethlehem” in beige and primary colors, a “Nine Patch” in beige and brown with spots of blue, and another “Nine Patch” in jewel tones.

Value:  $450 each. I would hope they could bring in $300 each.  Min. bid $250 each


Fairy Relocation KitFairy Relocation Kit

Garnette Hines

Fairy magic is everywhere, if only you believe!

Welcome fairies into your garden with exceptional, cast marble sculptures made by Garnette Hines. The sculptures in this “fairy relocation kit” are hand cast in marble from Garnette’s original sculpture and stained with a weather-resistant oil paint. They are highly durable and suitable for placement in an indoor or outdoor fairy garden.

A fairy relocation kit is an ideal gift for a fairy birthday party or for anyone you know who could use a little fairy magic. They are durable enough for little hands that play in the garden.

This fairy garden kit includes:

  • 2 leaf chairs
  • 1 flower table
  • 3 cast marble stepping stones
  • Leaf gazing ball
  • Fairy shoes
  • Fairy relocation letter

Items will be beautifully packaged for gift-giving in a Kraft box. Sculptures can be viewed before the event by visiting:

Value:  65.00, Min.  bid: 40.00


Ready, Aim, Party

Sally Woodall

Sally will help you plan your event, set up, serve & clean up, using her professional catering experience, for up to four hours.  (She is the Girl Friday of the catering firm Garden & Garnish.)

Value:  $150, Min. bid: $60


Household Sharpening

Russ Steffy

Russ will sharpen all your scissors, knives, gardening tools and general household tools, even your lawn mower blades and static balance for a whole season.  Our edgiest offering ever.

Value:  $75, Min. bid:  $40


Three Planted Flower Containers

Kara Crissey

Good Earth Gardeners will design and install a set of three beautifully planted flower containers, after discussing color scheme and lighting conditions with you. You’ll receive lovely terra cotta or glazed clay planter containers that will last for years, complete with plants in top grade planting medium – delivered to your Easton home, or to UUFE, if you live outside of Easton. Our plant selection will ensure the containers will be a marvelous addition to your outdoor space. Container sizes, styles, materials and plants will vary depending on color schemes and availability. Delivery will be made between April 15 and May 15, 2016.

Value: $150, Min. bid:  $50


Services to Ease or Enhance Your Life


Your Personal Website – Setup and Training

Don Barker

Don will provide up to 10 hours of setup, consulting, training, and/or content creation for a blogging or small business information website. (Does not include product cataloging and ordering, although you and Don can discuss what options are available.)  Don will set you up quickly with WordPress or Blogger, using the free option or with web hosting service; you can also explore other web content management options like Joomla, Drupal, or Tumblr.  If this makes little sense, that’s why you need Don.

Value: $500, Min. bid: $150


Skilled Handyman Work

B.J. Egeli

All those things that need doing around your home that you don’t have the time or talent to attend to …  Have B.J. apply his handyman skills for up to four hours while you benefit UUFE.

Value: $160, Min. bid: $40


Significant Yard Work

Ann Davis

Ann will provide three hours of yard work — trimming, weeding, leaf raking — In your yard at a mutually agreed upon time.

Value:  $50,  Min bid: $30


Claire Babysits

Claire Anovick

Claire will provide one six hour day/evening of babysitting.  Who doesn’t love Claire?  Bonus: She has her license!

Value: $60, Min. bid: $30


Ann Babysits

Ann Davis

Ann will babysit in your home to give you the evening out — no questions asked. She does best with toddlers through 10 year olds.

Value: $40-70, Min. bid: $30 for the night


Book & Consult with Dr. Abel

Randy Bellows

Receive a signed copy of ‘THE EYE CARE REVOLUTION – Prevent and Reverse Common Vision Problems’ by Robert Abel Jr. MD (foreword by Dr. Mehmet Oz) plus a private consultation with Dr. Abel to discuss your questions on eye care, diet, nutrition, cataract, glaucoma, supplements, at his private office in either Middletown DE or Wilmington DE.

Value: $250, Min. bid: $50


B & B At The Davis Inn

Ann Davis

Do you have family or friends coming to the area but don’t have enough room? Ann and Jack Davis will act as hosts for up to three people in their St. Michaels home on the water for two nights. Continental breakfast will be provided and information about sights and activities in the area.

Value: $200, Min. bid: $100


Menditch Bed & Breakfast

Menditch B&B 3 pics

Lisa & Frank Menditch

Treat family and friends to the delights of St. Michaels. Lisa and Frank will provide a one-night weekend getaway for up to three couples at their tour-worthy home on Chew Avenue. Added bonus: Lisa will serve breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Date negotiable.  See the Photo Gallery.

Value: $800, Min. bid: $300




gaylesDiscover Your Strengths

Gayle Scroggs

Did you know that your character strengths are powerful assets? Do you know yours? You can use them to get unstuck, achieve goals, improve relationships, and lead your best life. Let a seasoned positive psychology coach help you identify and learn to leverage your top personal strengths to enhance your well-being at work, home, and play. Includes a strengths assessment and a one-hour private consultation.

Value: $150, Min. bid: $50


Art and Entertainment


Ampersand 20141120 250xAmpersand Traditional Music

Beth Lawton & Dick Hogle

Ampersand is a family-friendly music group playing traditional American music from the colonial era and the Civil War, blues of the 1920s and 30s, and modern folk music. Ampersand features Beth Lawton and Dick Hogle, and “adds in” other local musicians playing guitars, banjo, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, and stand-up bass and featuring vocal harmonies, lively instrumentals, and a great joy in bringing traditional music to modern listeners.

Value: $350 for 2 hours, Min. bid: $50


Easton Choral Arts Society Tickets

Dave Moore

Dave Moore is donating two tickets to the spring 2016 concert, April 23 or 24.  This concert features Mass in Blue by Will Todd from 2003.  Dick Doughty and Nina Wahl are among the UUFE members who are part of this choir.

Value: $40,  Min. bid: $30


Four Signed Prints

B.J. Egeli

See these unique prints at the auction.  They are 11” x 14”.

Value: $50 each, Min. bid: $25 each


tred avon playersTred Avon Players – Season Tickets

Gail Woodall

Support local theater! Your chance to own two season tickets to the Tred Avon Players’ 2016 season – with performances at the Oxford Community Center in February, May, August and December. Check it out at

Value: $124,  Min. bid: $100


Elegant Antiques

Sue Loweree

See all of these at the auction, or call Sue for an advance peek.

crystal bowlCrystal cut glass bowl, eight inches across, acquired from a Charleston antique shop in 1967. Listen to it ring!

Value: $75, Min. bid:   $25

Framed embroidered silk segment from an antique Japanese Kimono, 16” x 17.”  Allegorical figures play amongst chrysanthemums, birds and butterflies.

Value: $60, Min. bid:   $20

Mahogany reproduction Queen Anne dressing table, 34”wide x 20” deep x 30” high.  Handsome entry hall or occasional piece.

Value: $300, Min. bid   $75

Grouping of three gold framed, 5 ½ “x 7 ½” pen and ink etched and embossed re-prints of Amsterdam purchased in 192.

Value: $60, Min. bid: $20

Grouping of four 4” x 5” gold and velvet framed literary entries excerpted from an heirloom English primer with illustrated definitions of parts of speech.

Value: $50, Min. bid: $15


jon williams guitar‘Natural’ Guitar, Uke, Banjo Lessons

If you’ve gotten bogged down attempting to learn a folk instrument from notation, tab or ‘too dang many chords’ Jonathan Williams (410-714-3517) offers an alternative. It uses only 7 notes and 4 easy chords to teach you how to weave song melodies into those chords by listening and making educated guesses. For a sample of this method (for other instruments) see his video on YouTube: ‘How to jam on flute…’  Four 45 minute lessons at your home.
Value: $200,  Min. bid: $100


Snow Flake Ornaments

Nancy Sawyer

Send snowflake ornaments to your favorite 25 family members or friends next holiday season. Nancy creates hand-cut snowflakes, laminated and strung with decorative ribbon. Get started on your gift shopping early!

Value: $50, Min. bid: $25


Photo Collage

David Stevens

Give David your family photos and he will create a memory-filled and vibrant collage, or help you put one together. The collage is made using an aluminum print that does not need a frame. See the sample at the auction.

Value: $90, Min. bid: $30


Holiday Entertainment

Nancy Sawyer

Need entertainment for a holiday party? Nancy will perform her rendition of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” at your locale.

Value: $100 , Min. bid: $50


TS singing April 2013 croppedTidewater Singers Tickets

Janet Pfeffer

Janet offers two tickets to the Tidewater Singers performance on May 13 or 14.  Dave Moore and Patty and Eric Rubin are among the members of this remarkable choral group.

Value: $30, Min. bid: $20


You Choose the Music

Abby Cureton

Abby will play a prelude, offertory or postlude of your choice at one of the UU services. Birthday or anniversary requests? No problem!

Value: $50, Min. bid: $25


Photo Session

Kristin Wilkerson

Kris will provide a 30-minute photo shoot for you and your loved ones – and give you 15 to 20 fully-edited photos on a CD.  See her work at

Value: $150, Min. bid: $75


2015_2_soundboard_PS_webClassical Guitar Live

Phillip Sawyer

Phillip will play classical guitar selections of your choice, from his every-growing repertoire, at one of the UU Sunday services or for up to 45 minutes at an event of your own. Look for his list of selections at the auction. If you choose a Sunday service, the Worship and Music Committees will coordinate to select a Sunday that makes everyone happy.

Value: $200, Min. bid: $75


Exercise and Adventure



Mark Peach

Mark will treat you to, and accompany you on, one round (18 holes) of golfing with cart at Hog Neck.  According to Mark, you will not be intimidated.

Value: $60, Min. bid:  $40


Water Skiing Lessons

Barbara Doughty

If you are a beginner, learn how to water ski on two skis in the Choptank River.  If you already know how to ski with two skis, learn how to drop one ski.  The instructors have taught many people to ski and have patience for as many starts as you require.

Value:  $50, Min. bid: $30


Scenic Motorboat Trip

Barbara & Dick Doughty

Enjoy a scenic motorboat trip on the Choptank River and up Kings Creek where wildlife sightings are common.  Four seats are available.

Value:   $50, Min. bid: $30


sweets trawler

Dinner Cruise for Two

Ron and Nancy Sweet

A casual evening dinner cruise on the Tred Avon River for two people aboard Ron and Nancy Sweet’s trawler, Hula Girl

Value: $100 for two, Min Bid: $40 for two


Horseback Riding Lesson

Barbara Doughty

Barbara offers a riding lesson for people of all ages in a closed controlled space. Small children will be led until they are ready to walk the horse alone. Others will walk and advance to a trot if they are ready. All may assist in cleaning and saddling the horse.

Value:  $30, Min. bid:  $25


Guided Turkey Hunt

Andrew Southworth

A professionally-guided wild turkey hunt with “Angry Wives Outfitters” in April or May.  Andrew will provide everything needed for a great day hunting turkeys (except a valid hunting license). This is your chance at bagging an elusive Tom.

Value:  $250, Min. bid: $175


Goose/Duck Hunt for 3 People

Andrew Southworth

Take advantage of our region’s bounty with a traditional Eastern Shore Waterfowl hunt. “Angry Wives Outfitters” will provide everything needed for a great day of hunting for three people. The season is late fall/winter

Value: $500, Min. bid: $250


Live Auction Items


great gatsby garden party image

Paul and Peggy Sharp

Come celebrate the Roaring 20’s with the Sharp’s on Saturday, May 28 at 3 pm (rain date June 4). Plenty of Champagne, “bathtub gin fizz,” appetizers, speed croquet, and jazz music. Come in costume (or not), and be prepared to relive the carefree days of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s great American novel. Peggy can help you rent an outfit from Marie’s Costume Shop in Easton.  Limited to 20 people.

Value: $50/person, Min. Bid: $25/person


Greek Dinner

Lisa Menditch

On Saturday, May 7 at 6:30 pm, 20 people will enjoy a Greek Dinner at the Menditch home. Dinner will include a variety of appetizers such as hummus and baba ganoush, a Greek salad and a variety of kebabs with rice, fruit, baklava and Greek wines.

Value:  $60  per person , Min. bid: $50 per person


bit of tuscany dinner 250xA Bit of Tuscany

Sue & Bill Browning
Colleen Ronning

Join the Brownings at their scenic waterfront retreat (just over the bridge at Newcomb, heading toward St. Michaels) on Saturday, June 11 to enjoy the sunset and the inimitable cooking of Colleen Ronning. From antipasto to dolci we will be dining Italian on Oak Creek. Room for 16.

Value: $50 per person,  Min. bid: $25 per person


Trio of Desserts

Colleen Ronning

Life is sweet.  Colleen will prepare Carrot Cake, Cheesecake, Chocolate Orange, Lemon Raspberry, Pecan Bars, whichever three you choose, all at once or one at a time…. OR talk to her about one big special cake.

Value:  $100, Min. bid: $45


menditch aircraft 350xFly The Chesapeake

Lisa & Frank Menditch

Frank Menditch, your pilot and the aircraft owner, will fly you and 3 (average sized) friends over St. Michaels, Oxford, Cambridge, Denton, Chestertown, in view of the Bay Bridge and the Wye River and return you all to Easton Airport.  You will view waterways, estates, farmland, towns and great vistas!  Don’t miss this enjoyable and memorable experience.  The flight will take approximately 50 minutes.  Frank is a commercial, instrument rated pilot.  He has been continuously flying for over 28 years.

Value: $450, Min. bid: $300


Light Summer Supper at the Rhian/Fairbanks

Jean Rhian & Jerry Fairbanks

Enjoy the summer breeze and a light summer supper on the screened porch at Jean and Jerry’s Easton Club home while socializing with other UUs.  Room for 4.

Value:   $35, Min. bid: $20


crab feast 250xCrab Feast!

Sally Woodall, Jack and Judy Harrald

Join Sally, Jack and Judy on September 25, 5:30 p.m. at the  Harrald’s in Claiborne.  There will be crabs and all the yum that goes with them. Space for 10.

Value:  $50, Min. bid: $20


Game Dinner

Ray & Bo Earnest

Join Ray and Bo at their island home (15 minutes from Easton) on Sunday, July 10 for a meal featuring game bagged by Bo and for a somewhat raucous, but very fun game of the traditional sort. Room for 8 game people.

Value: $50, Min. bid: $25


Guided bike tour of Philadelphia

Don Barker

Don will take you on a gentle ride along the Schuylkill River Trail and the Ben Franklin Parkway from the Art Museum to Love Park and City Hall. Optional: a zestier ride using bike lanes through downtown – Pine St, Spruce St, from river to river — Rittenhouse Square, eclectic South Street, Society Hill, Old City, Penn’s Landing. You could even do the thrilling loop around City Hall with the bus and taxi traffic, if you wish — no extra charge.  Includes a pre-trip planning chat, bike check, and body and bike transport to/from Philly for up to 4.

Value:  $400 for 4,  Min bid: $120 for 4


Sermon by Request

Rev. Sue Browning

Have you ever wondered how ministers choose what to preach about? Ever had a topic that you’ve wondered about?

Our beloved Reverend Sue Browning with write and preach a sermon on the topic of your choice.

Value: $500, Min. bid: $100


Crabbing Trip

Andrew Southworth

You and up to two of your friends will spend a morning on a boat working a 1200-foot trot line catching your own crabs to eat. All you do is show up. Bait, snacks, drinks, etc. will be provided. This is a really great day on the water and when you’re done you’ll have a bushel of crabs to take home!

Value:  $300, Min. bid: $200





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