Want to play your pledge to UUFE online?


You can set up automatic pledge donations to UUFE from your checking account using the ‘bill pay’ feature on your bank web page.

  • Go to your checking account on your bank web site
  • Go to where you ‘add a bill’ and select ‘company’
  • Select the option to enter all information for your ‘company’ and enter the following:
  • Biller Name: UUFE Operating
  • Account Number: 0906
  • Biller Address: P.O. Box 1162, Easton, MD 21601
  • Biller Phone No.: 410-822-8103
  • Select the recurring basis for your payments, or use the system to make payments at your discretion, from time to time.

You’ll be helping UUFE to receive a steady income as you stay current with your payments.

Questions? Ask Judy Harrald at jharrald@mac.com