Our Mission

The purpose of the Committee on Congregational Ministry is to strengthen the quality of ministry within our congregation. We define ministry as all that we do together as a congregation in pursuit of our religious mission both to ourselves and to the wider community.

What We Do

The committee advocates for effective ministry in congregational life and helps the congregation fulfill its vision, mission, and covenant by:

  • Advising and supporting the minister by communicating the interests and concerns of the congregation to the minister, and those of the minister to the congregation.
  • Assessing and monitoring the effectiveness of the congregation’s shared ministry.
  • Identifying areas for possible improvement in that ministry.
  • Communicating areas of need to the appropriate area of ministry.
  • Facilitating interpersonal communications to improve ministry.
  • Educating the congregation on an ongoing basis as to the purpose and goals of the Committee on Congregational Ministry.

Find all UUFE Committees’ online resources here.

Who We Are

We are a committee of 3-5 members elected by the congregation to serve 2-4 years. Our meetings are held monthly and are always attended by the minister. The committee is currently chaired by Lauren Harton who is finishing her first of a 4 year term. Laura Winne is in her 3rd of a 4 year term and Martha Hamlyn is in her 3rd of a 3 year term.
cocm 2018
Martha Hamlyn, Rev. Sue Browning, Lauren Harton

How to Contact Us

You can contact each member individually, the minister, or uufe@goeaston.net

Opportunities to Serve with Us

The 2017-2018 church year we will do a small review of the minister.

In 2018-2019 we will do our bi-annual review of the ministries of the congregation. When you get a call from one of our committee members, please answer the phone and speak honestly!

Why We Serve

We serve on COCM because we enjoy listening, problem solving, and re-evaluating.  We cherish the process of conflict resolution and reflection.  We keep our ears open, a finger on the pulse, and an open mind about how we can continually better our spiritual home.

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