What We Do

Connect members of the congregation to each other and provide support during times of joy and sorrow.

In coordination with the minister, we express the care of our community, and when needed, help arrange occasional and temporary care for Fellowship Members and Friends.


Mary Dunlavey, Rita Barker, Gayle Scroggs

Mary Dunlavey, Rita Barker, Gayle Scroggs

How We Help

  • Ensure that Members and Friends are aware of the Caring Circle’s mission.
  • Survey and create a list of Members and Friends willing to offer help.
  • Maintain close contact with the Minister concerning those in need.
  • When a situation arises, do our best to arrange help needed for our Members and Friends.
  • Always maintain Confidentiality.

How to Contact Us

  • You can find us in the UUFE Directory
  • E mail us at: caring@uufeaston.org
  • Or contact us through the UUFE Office, 410 822-8103

Would you like to join our team? Here is our job description.


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