As of Winter 2017, this is what we’re thinking and planning:


  • Needs new wood rails
  • Re-do chapel area so outdoor services can take place
  • Signage for native plants:
    Carpinus carolineana (Ironwood)
    Fagus americana (American Beech)
    Cercis canadensis (Redbud)
    Lindera benzoin (Spicebush)
    Asimina triloba (PawPaw)
    Amelanchier canadensis (Serviceberry)
    Liriodendron tulipfera (Tulip Poplar)
    Quercus species (Oaks)
    and many more…..
  • Add native perennials to path
  • Wood chips or mulch on path to make navigable


Contact Kara Crissey or Don Barker to help us get started.

Read more about the Marshall Trail Rangers.


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