Here is what we’re thinking and planning for 2018 in the UUFE gardens.

Want to dig in?  Contact Kara Crissey or Don Barker to become a UUFE Garden Caregiver.


  • 2018 Spring Cleanup and Potluck:  We’ll pick a date in April.  Seeking donations of plants from UUFE gardeners.  Details coming late winter.
  • New planting for front entry garden at our roadside sign.  See our plan and budget.
  • Renovation of our nature trail.  Details here.
  • Summer watering calendar.  Watch for this before our 2018 Spring Cleanup. We will ask individuals to sign up during spring cleanup by passing list around.
  • Can we save our majestic oak tree?  We’re working with an arborist for diagnosis, prognosis, and caregiving plan.
  • Garden Maintenance Calendar: coming soon
  • Publish a UUFE Gardens budget.  We’re gathering data.
  • Bradford Pear Elimination:  Mark Bradford Pear volunteers on UUFE campus before spring cleanup. Marking before is important because it will be an extensive process marking all trees. Then, volunteers can enjoy removing these invasive trees that are crowing out native species (thus reducing food for wildlife).
  • Porcelainberry Elimination:  We must make a plan to tackle this at least by keeping it off the deodora (Deodar cedars) adjacent to the campus entrance.
  • Table and chairs:  On our  wish list is having a permanent table and chairs to seat at least 8
  • Bonfire seating:  Also on our wish list is to obtain sections of cut tree trunk to use as seating around a firepit/bonfire area.

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