Our Mission

We care for the garden beds, grounds, and woodlands of our UUFE Sanctuary.

What We Do

UUFE Garden Caregivers are committed to:

  • Learn and understand our UUFE Garden Master Plan and my place in it. Help turn that vision into reality.
  • Adopt a UUFE Garden Bed.
  • Do a monthly check-in with my Garden Bed – face to face. See how it’s doing.
  • Consult often with our Master Gardener.
  • Take part in Spring and Fall UUFE Garden Days. Bring friends.
  • Sign up for the Summer Watering Calendar.
  • Step forward for occasional assignments from the Garden Task List.
UUFE Garden resources:
  • Upcoming Projects list is here.
  • What’s in our garden bed?  Find out here.
  • UUFE Garden Caregiver online resources are here.
  • UUFE Forest and Trail online resources are here.
  • Read more about the Marshall Trail Rangers.

Who We Are

Kara Crissey is our UUFE Master Gardener.  She is a Certified Professional Horticulturalist and owner of Good Earth Gardeners.
kara in her garden (1)
Don Barker is the Garden Caregivers’ Advocate
don barker uufe gardener

How to Contact Us

Kara:  goodearthgardeners@gmail.com
Don:  MarylandGIS@gmail.com

Opportunities to Serve with Us

  • Become a UUFE Garden Caregiver.
  • Sign up for the Summer Watering Schedule
  • Join the Marshall Trail Rangers.
  • Read and comment on our Master Garden Plan

Why We Serve

“I gain knowledge and skills from our Master Gardener that I can use to improve not only the UUFE gardens, but also my own yard and garden at home.”

“I get to know plants by name. Expanding my Latin vocabulary! Go ahead – ask me: ‘What is Itea, Ilex, and Nandina?’”

“I learn to hold my samurai mattock in one had, not both. I find a balance with all the living things in my Caregiver Garden Bed. And the wiregrass still comes out on the short end.”

“I feel good about sharing the Art and Beauty and Soul of our gardens with our UUFE members and friends.”

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