ranger cardNo Horses or Six-Shooters.

We Patrol the Trail with Pruners and Rakes.

Contact Rangers@uufeaston.org


It seems good and right for us to take care of UUFE’s Grace T. Marshall Nature Trail in this way:

maureen gayle rangers on the trailMeet annually around Earth Day (April 22) to inspect and rehabilitate the Trail, and to celebrate around the Marshall Trail Rangers Campfire.

Disseminate knowledge and increase appreciation for the forest and river ecosystem through which the Trail passes.

Increase awareness of the environmental legacy of the Trail’s benefactor, Grace T. Marshall.

Encourage others to enjoy and care for the Trail and the upper reaches of Tred Avon River.

Keep UUFE members and friends, and the larger community, informed of the mission and activities of the Marshall Trail Rangers.

Keep the UUFE Building and Grounds Committee and Social Justice Committee informed of our plans, our work on the Trail, and specific needs for financial and volunteer support to maintain the Trail.

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