Our Mission

 The Building & Grounds Committee is organized for the following purposes:
  • Provide input on budget requirements and long range plans for the buildings and grounds.
  • Routinely inspect buildings to protect our investment.
  • Provide supervision for volunteer projects.
  • Maintain essential building records.
  • Coordinate with the Administrative Committee on building rental needs.
  • Define required projects to meet the needs of the Fellowship.


Who We Are


What We Do

The committee has three subcommittees with the following functions:

Aesthetics Subcommittee

  • Create unified and harmonious spaces throughout the building.
  • Monitor, consult, and advise on changes or additions to both the interior and exterior of the building.
  • Plan for aesthetic additions such as display of art in the foyer or wall hangings or other additions to the worship space.
  • Work in consultation with other committees to insure that aesthetic components are considered jointly with function.

Building Maintenance Subcommitte

  • Establish minimum standards for building repair and new projects.
  • Schedule building repairs and track completion.
  • Schedule routine maintenance of building operating systems.
  • Establish a site storage policy/plan.
  • Manage site waste disposal and snow plowing.
  • Maintain a list of volunteers with maintenance skills within the Fellowship.
  • Manage building custodial services.

Grounds/Landscaping Subcommittee

  • Maintain a site landscaping master plan.
  • Manage the design of new beds and plantings on the grounds and the lawn mowing contract.
  • Routinely inspect grounds and landscaping to detect problem areas.
  • Schedule workdays to maintain beds and plantings around buildings and on the grounds


How to Contact Us


Opportunities to Serve with Us


Why We Serve