Our Mission

Fostering intellectual and spiritual development is central to the congregational mission and to our Adult Enrichment team.

Who We Are

The Adult Enrichment Coordinator for 2017-2018 is Gayle Scroggs.
She welcomes collaboration and suggestions.

What We Do

We help you grow!  We organize, present, and facilitate various activities and programs, including talks, classes, workshops, field trips, and more which resonate with our mission.  There is no catechism to memorize, no petrified creed to grow out of.  We are free to question and to explore in ways that further wisdom, love, and compassion. Our only limits for Adult Enrichment are the imagination and energy available.  Share your ideas with this team and bring them to life.

Find all UUFE Committees’ online resources here.


How to Contact Us

Write Gayle at gayle@uufe.org
Find her almost any Sunday after the service (be sure to check the kitchen!)

Opportunities to Serve with Us

Got an idea for a program?  A class?  A field trip?  Want to help organize events?  Just let us know.  We’d love to have you join us, whether it is for a single event or for many.

Why We Serve

Gayle Scroggs, Coordinator

Once I found Easton, finding UUFE was a piece of cake.  As a long-time UU, a viable UU community was on my list of “must-have’s.”  The warm welcome, inspiring sanctuary, and friendly folks at UUFE convinced me to sign a local lease and the membership book. Almost immediately, I volunteered to help serve the coffee after the service–the real key to getting connected and discovering opportunities. The services, including the chance to sing in the choir and connect with my tribe, continue to make every Sunday special.

A horse of a different color.   Our approach to religious education (aka “adult enrichment”) makes UU a spiritual horse of a different color, actually of many different colors.  It really means walking the talk since as UUs, we affirm a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. We honor both the individual and community, so no one gets left behind or forced out as their beliefs evolve.  As our UU ancestor Francis David said, “We need not think alike to love alike.”

Sharing the journey.  We share the journey of spiritual exploration, affirming one another, nudging each of us to become all we can be with respect and love. It is no exaggeration to say that through my UU connections, I have been loved into spiritual wholeness.  This is my wish for everyone.

Serving is a significant part of the path. UU RE has fueled my own spiritual and personal growth–both through leadership and participation. Now I look forward to providing growth opportunities for all of us, whether through formal classes or one-off field trips or a conversation over dinner. . . and welcoming others to collaborate with me in this unique endeavor to widen and deepen what it means to live according to our deepest values.



March 2018:  This team has just lost its other valuable member.  

Consider how participation in creating opportunities for spiritual growth at UUFE will contribute to your own development and fulfillment.  Then please contact me.  Let’s collaborate and make this a total win-win.