Board of Trustees


  • President                      Tom Arnold
  • Vice President              Jean Rhian
  • Treasurer                      Rob Todd
  • Clerk                            Jane Terebey


Members at Large

  • Broughton (Bo) Earnest
  • Bozena Lamparska
  • Robert Forloney
  • Leigh Marquess



  • Minister                                               Sue Browning
  • Music Director                                     Ellen Barry Grunden
  • Coordinator of Religious Education       Liz Hausburg
  • Office Manager                                    Elizabeth Tong
  • Playroom Coordinator                          Gabriella Hamsher


Committee on Congregational Ministry

Lauren Harton

Katherine Binder


Nominating/Leadership Development Committee

Michele Drostin  (Chair)

Don Barker

Mary Connors

John Scott

Gayle Scroggs

Ray Earnest  (adjunct)

Jack Harrald (adjunct)

Ann Jacobs  (adjunct)


Planned Giving Committee

April Harton

John Mistrangelo

Sally Woodall


Finance Committee

John Mistrangelo (Chair)

Rob Todd

Judy Harrald


Income Secretary        

Judy Harrald


Worship Pod

Sue Browning (Minister)

Bozena Lamparska (Board Rep)

Ellen Barry Grunden

Liz Hausburg

Dave Moore

Emily Cranwell

Nancy Sajda

Linda Wilcox

Coffee Hour/Kitchen    Liz and Steve Parks


Caring Circle         

Rita Barker

Mary Dunlavey

Suzanne Todd



Adult Enrichment                    

Gayle Scroggs for Soul Matters


Children’s Religious Education

Patty Hamsher


Music Committee

Dave Moore


Member Services Pod

Rita Barker

Mary Mistrangelo


Member Connections

  • Tea Time                                  Rita Barker
  • Men’s Lunch                            Jerry Fairbanks
  • Group Kayak/Canoe Outings     David Stevens


Social Justice Pod

Bo Earnest (Board Representative)

Emily Cranwell

Mary Lou Malone


Communications Pod

Leigh Marquess (Board Representative)

Beth Lawton

Lauren Harton

      Christina Drostin

  • UUliFE                                     Newsletter Team (
  • Website                                   Beth Lawton
  • Social Media                             Lauren Harton


Buildings and Grounds (Caring for Our Place) (Sanctuary and Gardens) Pod



  • Contract Administration              Elizabeth Tong, Office Manager
  • Rentals                                     Elizabeth Tong, Office Manager
  • Safety (fire, medical, disruption)  Peter Paul
  • Gardens (near the building)         Ann Davis


Information Technology Pod

Bozena Lamparska, (Board Representative)

Don Barker

Dave Moore


Strategic Planning Task Force

Christina Drostin

Dick Doughty


Re-Opening Task Force

Contact: Peter Paul


Denominational Connections    VACANT

Delmarva Cluster Rep               VACANT

Personnel                                 VACANT (If needed, contact Dick Doughty)

Archives (ad hoc)                     Barbara Doughty


Updated 11 Aug 2021

Please send changes to list to Tom Arnold