NLDC is Working on Next Year’s Leaders

The Nominating and Leadership Development Committee is at its critical time of year when we begin to work in earnest to prepare the slate of nominees for next year’s leaders. We wish to refresh everyone’s awareness in the Fellowship about the three groups of nominees in the next few weeks.

The first group is our own committee, NLDC

The Nominating and Leadership Development Committee’s primary job is to present a full slate of nominees for all our elected leaders at the Fellowship’s Annual meeting in May. This includes our Officers, Trustees, and members of the Committee on Congregational Ministry and our own committee. We work to recognize individuals with the leadership potential and willingness to serve among our members to insure the continuity of our congregation.

The Second group is the Board Officers and Trustees

The Board is the governing body of the Fellowship and is responsible for ensuring that its activities and programs are carried out in a manner consistent with the purposes of the Fellowship and the principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association. In addition to establishing policies and plans, the Board provides guidance to its officers, committees and other bodies of the Fellowship. It is also responsible for the Fellowship’s property and staff.For more information about the Board, contact Mark Peach or Ann Davis, the Board’s co-presidents.

The third group is the Committee on Congregational Ministry, abbreviated as COCM

The COCM serves as a liaison between the Minister and the Congregation and assesses the quality of the shared ministry within the Congregation. By “ministry” COCM means all the the Congregation does together in pursuit of its religious mission. Major responsibilities of the COCM include evaluating the ministries of the Congregation every two years; evaluating, and monitoring, the Minister’s effectiveness; and providing a means of conflict resolution for issues that may arise related to the ministry of the Congregation. For more information about this committee, contact a COCM member: Laura Winne, Martha Hamlyn, Lauren Harton, BJ Egeli, Nancy Orr, or, of course, our minister, Sue Browning.

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    1. The Nominating Committee would be pleased to learn of anyone who wished to take on a leadership role, since willingness to serve is a very important attribute. We would seriously consider such a person for our slate of nominees. Anyone interested should contact a member of our committee as soon as possible. Committee members are Dave Moore, Jim Richardson, Jane Terebey and Mark Walter.

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