Wednesday Was a Horrifying Day – A Letter to UUFE Members and Friends

Dear Members and Friends,

Wednesday was a horrifying day at many levels.

We witnessed the president inciting violence. We watched his supporters break into the Capitol and storm members’ offices and our legislative chambers. We viewed security teams that were woefully underprepared and ineffective. We can’t help but note that the insurgents were overwhelmingly white and some openly carried symbols of hate and bigotry.

Somehow seeing this physical breach of our Capitol–the center of our democracy–crossed a line I never imagined would be crossed. It will take time to catch our breaths and to begin to imagine what is next.

We know those who broke the law need to be held accountable, as do the leaders who have tolerated and encouraged these behaviors. The lines crossed were not just physical, they were moral. We need to press those in authority for appropriate follow through.

We need to ask hard questions about the message being sent by the insurgents and to think deeply about the nature of the response. Had the group been made up of people of color, undoubtedly the response would have been foundationally different. Many aspects of white privilege were evident in the events of the day, highlighting the ongoing inequities baked deep in our society. We are called to recommit to actions that move toward equity.

Beyond the attack, we know this week included the successful election of two new Senators and the certification of the presidential election. Good moments in our democracy to be sure, and still we know a peaceful transition over the coming weeks is not certain.

Much to process. Much is at stake. It’s been a hard week.

This coming Sunday our Zoom service will be a chance to process the events of the week together and to reflect upon this challenging time of change. I hope you will join us for this service. If other support would be useful, please be in touch at any time.

In love and care,
Rev. Sue

(The service previously planned for January 10 will be held at a later date.)

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