Voluntarily unemployed? How do I get started!

Dave and Jefferson 700xUUFE’s Dave Moore answers the Five Big Questions and talks about walking and biking in rural Japan, seeing the kids settle on their own, and trying out for the UUFE usher job.  And if he doesn’t get the job?  Hit the road again with the pop-up.


UU liFE:  Where were you raised, and how?

Dave:  I was raised in a military family and lived in a few different places: west Texas, northern Japan, Idaho and Oklahoma.  I’ve found that everywhere I’ve lived has both good and bad parts – though some are more unusual.

The part of Japan we lived in was fairly rural (similar to the Eastern Shore in ways), and I did a lot of walking around farm fields and even bicycling out to the ocean; I think it was about five miles away.  The town near where we lived was probably about the size of Easton, with a number of mom-and-pop stores.  Plumbing was lacking and often ran in little ditches along the road.

We were raised in a secular family (i.e. non-church going) which was very hands off in terms of attitudes and expectations.  Some joined the military but most ended up close to “home” in Oklahoma.   Of the seven of us – six boys and a girl – only the oldest (me) and youngest (my brother Stephen) moved very far, ending up on opposite ends of the country near US 50.

How have you made your living?

I used to go to work, but no more.  Susan and I both became voluntarily unemployed as of last October.  Some would call this “retired,” though we are about as busy as ever for some reason.  Mostly, for money, I worked in training and documentation groups.  Unfortunately, this meant commuting to the “other side” (western shore) for about 23 years.   My favorite job was a small graphics software company in Annapolis that eventually became part of Corel.

I’d love to be voluntarily unemployed, too.   How do I get started?

We’re in the Badlands this week.  Let’s talk when I get back.

Dave Moore in Badlands 700x
Dave in The Badlands


What’s the most remarkable thing you’ve done?

Most remarkable thing I’ve done? Still working on that one . . . .  I raised three children, the first mainly as a single parent.  They are all doing well and are on their own and, though I chose Easton as the place for them to have roots, they’ve so far moved about as far away as they could.  Hmmm. . . .

What’s the Next Big Thing for you?

My next big thing is learning to play the banjo.  Does that count?

Dave plays UUFE with Ampersand's Beth Lawton and Dick Hogle
Dave plays UUFE with Ampersand’s Beth Lawton and Dick Hogle

Yes, banjo definitely counts!

Since Susan and I retired, we are both “working” on things we want to do but for which any payment would be optional.  We’re traveling when we can around the country with a pop-up camper for now.  If we keep traveling that way, we’ll want to upgrade to something we don’t have to crank up.  Plenty of places still to go!

susan and the popup camper 700x
Susan and the camper and a checkered tablecloth


How do you serve UUFE and why?

For UUFE, I’ve tried a number of different jobs and served on several committees.  At the moment, I’m overseeing the audio for Sunday services.  (Anyone want to learn how to do this?  Let me know!) I’m one of the coffee hour servers/bus-persons, and will be trying out for usher.  I think hands-on kinds of jobs are most appealing to me at this point.

I also occasionally help with music, especially if I can bring my guitar, and along with Beth Lawton and Dick Hogle of “Ampersand” host the monthly folk jam on second Fridays.

How will UUFE and you find each other again?

In Oklahoma this week.  But will see you soon.

Dave Moore at Air Museum 700x
Dave and Air Force One at the USAF museum – the plane that carried JFK back from Dallas




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