UUFE Mission & Vision Statements

Blue and purple graphic Mission equals every day; Vision equals somedayIn September 2021, the UUFE Board approved the following statements:


Mission Statement

UUFE  is an open religious community that strives for social justice, values diversity, cares for one another, and protects our natural environment.



Vision Statement

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton welcomes questioning minds, diverse identities, and expansive hearts, and strives to be a beacon for independent thought, progressive change, and spiritual growth. Through caring for one another, our communities, and the environment, we seek to create a more just and peaceful world while celebrating our oneness with all humanity.  Through worship, affinity groups, religious education for all ages, music, and other experiences, we provide opportunities for engaging with the world.  As one of the spiritual and social justice leaders for the Mid-Shore of Maryland, we seek to meet the evolving needs of our rural community.

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