What is UU Water Communion?

Our service on Sunday, September 10 will include our annual Water Communion.?Water Communion is a UU ritual which marks the beginning of the congregational?year and symbolizes the?blending of our hopes and gifts.
For this ritual all are invited to bring water which has meaning to them to the service, usually brought in a small bottle or jar.?The water might be from your tap, from a puddle, from a local pond or river, or from your travels. We’ll have plenty of water available that?can serve symbolically as water having?meaning to you!? During the service there?will be an opportunity to come forward and pour the water you brought into a large communal bowl at the front of the sanctuary. (The children and their parents will have a chance to add their water to the bowl before the?children leave for their class, and others will add their water at the end of the service.)
The collected water will represent the many ways our lives come together in community. If you have any questions about this water ceremony, please check with Rev. Sue.

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