How Is Unitarian Universalism Changing? A Chance to Learn on Nov. 11 (on Zoom)

Rainbow colored graphic with people as chalice flameOn Thursday, November 11 UUFE will host?a discussion titled, ? Heart of Unitarian Universalism? at 6:30 p.m. on Zoom. My hope is that many UUFE members and friends as well as newcomers will attend.

I?ll be joined in leading this session by Rev. Paul Boothby, a retired UU minister who recently moved to Talbot County. (Some of you have met Paul weeding our gardens and at community events.)

Together we?ll do our best to provide a snapshot of the UU faith in 2021. It will be a chance to consider the ways our faith is always changing.

I started attending a UU congregation in 1994 and much has changed since then. In my early years I learned bits about the UU faith tradition at a few classes. I taught Religious Education to toddlers and teens and led classes for newcomers and learned more. I was experiencing how Unitarian Universalism was being lived out in that specific congregation. Once in seminary (a Methodist seminary) I learned to describe my UU faith to others.

Through my years as a UU, I?ve learned our faith continually changes. What I learned at the beginning, I’ve had to keep reframing and re-understanding. As the world changes, the faith changes.

  • What does our UU faith look like in 2021?
  • Which of the basics I learned ‘way back when’ continue to sustain our faith?
  • Where are significant shifts occurring?

Our session on November 11 is about these questions. We hope to see you there!

In connection,
Rev. Sue


Here is the Zoom link for the session.

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