The Winding Down of this Summer

Something just feels “off” as we approach Labor Day.

September has long been the month when we return to our routines. Maybe we do so reluctantly, not wanting the warm, relaxing days to end, yet we are often ready to make the shift. This year feels different.

I’m particularly aware of the many families and teachers who are bracing for September. Though school will start soon, most won’t be returning to a physical classroom, or lunchroom, or a ride on the school bus; at least not right away. And for those who are returning to buildings, the list of limitations is long.

We know teachers are being called to reimagine their roles and to prepare to engage students in fundamentally new ways. What was learned about “virtual school” last spring that will be useful? Where are whole new approaches needed? Where have the technical platforms changed? Beyond the classroom, sports and band and chorus and scouts are all impacted.

Kids and families and teachers are resilient and will adapt in time. While this is true, it is a stressful time. To the teachers and families facing these many unknowns, your congregation will be here for you. While you likely don’t yet know what will feel helpful, please know that as you figure it out, we’re here.

For the rest of us, we too face a September that feels different. We’ll need to launch the church year in a different way (stay tuned!), and virtually everything we traditionally return to in September has been tweaked or modified.

I invite you to take a moment and reflect on how you feel as we move toward Labor Day this year and ask, how might we support one another this September?

Please be in touch with your hopes, needs, ideas, and questions — our virtual door is always open.

In connection,
Rev. Sue

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