The Courage to Pause

Some of my favorite ‘Opening Words’ are by Rev. Kathleen McTigue.

“We come together this day to remind one another
To rest for a moment on the forming edge of our lives,
To resist the headlong tumble into the next moment,
Until we claim for ourselves awareness and gratitude,
Taking the time to look into one another’s faces
And see there communion: the reflection of our own eyes.
This place of laughter and silence, memory and hope
Is hallowed by our presence together.”

This reading is a reminder not to rush, but to pause and to say thank you.

This past week I had the joy of working with Ellen Grunden, Elizabeth Hausburg, Ampersand, and many members from UUFE and UUCR to create the ingathering service. It was wonderful to sense our gifts melding together to create the service and to receive the many photos submitted for the Water Communion ceremony. I hope everyone has a chance to experience this service, “Finding Our Way Back.”

This past week (and month) I have also witnessed how UUFE’s leaders have prepared for the congregation’s annual meeting, scheduled for 11 a.m. this coming Sunday. I am so grateful for the care that has been put into identifying leaders, framing a budget, and sharing necessary information with members, and the ways the team is using technology in so many creative ways.

It’s easy to find ourselves in ‘headlong tumbles’ into what is next. We want to do more and to promise more. There is an excitement in juggling as much as we can. It’s not a bad inclination, and, too, I encourage us to balance all this “doing” with deep pauses of awareness and gratitude.

Today I am especially grateful for all who were a part of our service last week and for the leaders at UUFE who have prepared for the annual meeting.

In thanks,
Rev. Sue

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