Sprinkling Joy on UUs of Southern Delaware

Ann Davis and JPD GRANT 300x
L to R: Joanne Saltzberg, Donna Curtis, Betty Kirk, Ann Davis

UUFE’s Ann Davis is the Chair of the Joseph Priestley District Growth Committee and the Chalice Lighters Grant Committees.   She’s also UUFE’s Denominational Connections Coordinator.  Here she shares with us the joy of Chalice Lighter Grant giving.



It was so much fun to attend last Sunday’s service at the Southern Delaware congregation in Lewes, Delaware.  As chair of the Joseph Priestley District Growth Committee and the Chalice Lighters grant committee, I went to be on hand at the presentation of a $40,000 check. The congregation has created a new home for itself on a beautiful site with a pond just outside of Lewes.  The grant was given to assist with the building costs.

The congregation is a high energy, friendly, positive group who ooze enthusiasm for creating a Unitarian Universalist presence on the Delaware Shore.  As I arrived at the podium to make the presentation I felt unusually calm. (I really am not comfortable in public speaking situations.)  Because I was looking into the faces of fellow UUs, I knew that I was amongst instant friends.  I also felt at ease because I knew that they were going to be very happily surprised with the presentation.

Once the check was presented by Donna Curtis, the Grant Manager from the Growth Committee, to members of the UUSD grant writing committee, there was great applause and cheering.  At coffee hour, numerous congregants approached Donna and me to profusely thank us for approving the grant.  It’s so refreshing to make such a pleasant road trip.

Chalice Lighters has granted funds for a wide variety of growth projects throughout the Joseph Priestley District.  Grants are given for personnel, renovations, new construction, and other projects that will assist congregations with their growth in numbers.

Press Release

Pictured above: (l to r: Joanne Saltzberg, UUSD Grant Committee, Donna Curtis, JPD Growth Committee, Betty Kirk, UUSD Grant Committee Chair, and Ann Davis, JPD Growth Committee)

Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware are Awarded Second New Home Grant

The Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware (UUSD) are pleased to announce they are the grateful recipients of a second $40,000 Chalice Lighter’s grant to defray the costs of their new property. The check was formally presented to the congregation by Ann Davis, Chair, Joseph Priestly District (JPD) Growth Committee, and Donna Curtis, Grant Manager, JPD Growth Committee on February 7 during Sunday services.

“UUSD truly would not be where it is today without the support of the JPD and this grant program,” said Deanna Duby, President of the Board of Trustees.

Chalice Lighters is a program of the Joseph Priestley District, serving Unitarian Universalist congregations in southern New Jersey, eastern and central Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia and northern Virginia. It is a way for individuals, each contributing a small amount, to provide critical funding for congregational growth initiatives. During its 26 year history, the JPD Chalice Lighters have provided over $2.25 million in grants to more than 50 societies.

About the Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware

The Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware are a vibrant and welcoming progressive spiritual community with a faith rooted in love and justice.  UUSD is dedicated to nurturing spiritual growth, embracing diversity, working for justice, and striving for a loving world.  Their new facility is located at 30486 Lewes Georgetown Highway, Lewes, Delaware, 19958.  Sunday services are held at 10 a.m.  For more information, visit www.uussd.org.

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