Notes on Music Sunday – May 22

Music Sunday (May 22) is a day when the sanctuary rings with sound and joy. This year the choir will perform, “Festive Processional” by Audrey Snyder as an entrance piece, “Sanctus” (from Requiem in D minor) by Gabriel Faure, arranged by Jill Gallina for Prelude, “Laudato sie, mi signore” by Ronald Perera as postlude and end with “Benedictus” by Audrey Snyder. David Linthicum will play a solo piece on the piano for the offertory.

st francis assisiI am particularly excited about “Laudato sie, mi signore”. The “Composer’s Note” for this piece states, “In 1983,  a friend gave me a reproduction of an early manuscript copy of the Canticle of the Sun by Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226),  and an English translation of this beautiful poem. I was struck immediately by the utter simplicity yet literary richness of the text, which praises God for and through all the elements of his created world, and which emphasizes reconciliation, acceptance and joy in the creation which is shared by the whole human family on our planet earth. Today, when our world seems especially fragile and threatened, the words of Saint Francis seem even more relevant than when they were composed some 750 years ago.”

I was immediately drawn to how the poem by Saint Francis of Assisi reflects UU’s appreciation, respect, and love for the planet we live on. “Laudato sie, mi signore” is excerpted from the the complete Canticle of the Sun and is sung in Italian,  A copy of the poem will be included in the May 22nd program.

Please join us for Music Sunday!

– Maureen Curtin

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