My Three Questions

Last Sunday I preached on the “Ages and Stages” in life. I’m wondering what folks are thinking about the three questions I posed in the sermon?

As a recap, I noted there are physical realities of getting older. From that first year of life until the end, we change. Our numerical age determines when we are eligible to start school, drive, vote, collect social security, and get vaccines. We develop socially and emotionally, learning to trust, empathize, and make choices. It’s not surprising we often have much in common with others who are about our own age. Age is real.

Yet we are not defined by our age, at least I hope not. Our journeys are fluid, and we cycle back and forth through life’s defining experiences. In this spirit, I asked us to consider these three questions:

–When do you recall a time of feeling confident and assured?
–When do you remember a period of having serious doubts? (Or maybe a sense of being left out? Of having regrets?)
–When was your life defined by curiosity and exploration? What risks did you take?

Since the service I’ve asked these questions to children and adults. (Ok, to just about everyone I’ve seen!) So far, everyone has had stories to share. I hope folks enjoy asking family and friends these questions.

Society works to define us by age. There are expectations of what we’ll do when. It’s easy to make assumptions – to categorize one another by age and generation. Our stories remind us of what we share.

In care,
Rev. Sue

P.S. Feel free to email me any stories you’d like to share!

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