Life in Layers?

Recently I?ve been struck by the number of opportunities at UUFE to explore issues and ideas in greater depth. From the new Adult Enrichment classes (thank you,?Gayle Scroggs and others), to the ?Intro to UU? class (thank you,?Carol Meredith and others), to the Parent Forum Series (thank you,?Lauren Harton and others), there are many chances to be?in small group settings and to ?go deeper.???

In these settings,?individuals have a chance to grow as stories are shared and new perspectives are available. Through this exploration,?trust is built and the community is strengthened.?Rev.David?O?Rankin?considers this?dynamic in a reflection called?Trust?(an excerpt):?

?When I trust?.??

?I am able to engage in the process of discovering who I am and of creating what I will become.??

?I am able to function honestly and naturally without mask, defenses, and deceptions.??

?I am able to reveal hidden desires and inner weaknesses without fear of criticism.??

Rankin writes?of trust as a foundation for relationship, honesty, and risk taking.?

My hope is that at some point this year,?everyone finds a way to be in connection at UUFE in a small group setting. Please keep your eye on announced opportunities for gatherings,?and if you don?t see a fit for you,?please share your interests with me or Gayle Scroggs, or with a Board member or other UUFE leader.??

As we head into toward Thanksgiving, I am deeply grateful for those who are making space for members and friends to explore topics in depth. It feels important to grow in trust in times which feel stressful and even overwhelming. It feels important to walk together on our spiritual journeys ? a reminder that we are not alone.???

Wishing all a blessed Thanksgiving,??

Rev. Sue??

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