Leading Toward This Thanksgiving

Like just about everything in 2020, the Thanksgiving Day holiday will be different this year.

Families, friends, and neighbors are weighing the risks of the traditional Thanksgiving gatherings. Should we gather at all? If so, how many might be together? Should we try eating outside? Should we get tested before? after?

In our questions, we are lifting up our care for the well-being of one another. As we weigh choices, we’re considering our own health, the health of those we’d love to be with over the holidays, and the potential ripple effects that will follow any gathering.

These conversations are happening, and they are difficult. Many are opting to be alone, or with a small group only. Some are agreeing easily, with resignation on the needs for limits this year, and others are struggling with the choices.

In the midst of these realities,  how might we best care for one another?  What is at the essence of this season of gratitude we can lift up? Are there substitutions in our traditions that might feel meaningful?

I ask all of the above, not knowing of neat answers, and hopeful that in asking together we will discover creative ways to feel connected during this season.

And I ask as a reminder to keep an eye out for one another in these times. Please reach out to me or others in the congregation if you are feeling the weight of these times.

In care,

Rev. Sue

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