Accountability This Time

Tuesday afternoon the jury found Derek Chauvin guilty of the murder of George Floyd. There is a sense of relief in reaction to the verdict. This highly publicized case, that we have come to know so well, is closer to ending. There still needs to be sentencing and appeals are almost certain. For this week, some relief. Someone has been held accountable in this specific case.

For George Floyd’s family, their loss is permanent. He was not treated justly last May and died. My heart goes out to his family and friends in their continued grief. May they find some peace in knowing the verdict.

As a nation, we held our collective breath waiting for this decision. We held our breath knowing that the outcome in George Floyd’s case was far from certain. We know often there isn’t accountability for such acts. For those of us who are white, I hope we understand this reality better after this year. For those who are black and brown, sadly, this understanding is not new news.

As we considered the legacy of lynching at our service last week, we were reminded of the importance of consistent accountability and the continued work that is needed.

My hope is that through George Floyd’s murder, and the actions which followed, there has been personal and nationwide learning. My hope is that we have been changed and better understand the ways the systems need to change. My hope is we will follow through on the many efforts needed to make these changes actually happen.

In our shared relief, may we learn and continue to move toward greater justice and equity.


Rev. Sue


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