2018 Service Auction Catalog

Party Basket

Randy Bellows

wine bellows

Randy provides a large party basket containing several bottles of wine and assorted munchies – see if it suits your palate at the auction.

Value: $60                                        Min. bid: $20

Handmade Box of Lotions

Mary Dunlavey

Pamper yourself with the custom-made lotions that you can peruse at the auction, donated by Mary Dunlavey.

Value: $45                                             Min. bid: $25


For the Gardener

Mary Dunlavey

garden basket

Suit yourself with the gardening bag and three gardening books that Mary has donated – see them at the auction.

Value: $45                                             Min. bid: $15

 kara c

Garden Consultation & Planting

Kara Crissey  814-262-5702

Kara will meet you in your garden in the Easton or nearby area to help with ideas to add beauty to your outdoor space with ecologically thoughtful perennial choices.  She will guide you in selecting up to $100 worth of perennial plants (such as daisies, Black-Eyed Susans, bushes, or a small tree).  Kara will purchase the perennials and install them for you and, before she goes, will provide instructions on watering and care.  The total project will take up to four (4) hours.

Value: $350                                           Min. bid: $100




Photo Album from Shutterfly

Lauren Harton 410-728-4293


Remember the fun of turning pages to see your special people, places, and pictures?  How about a small (say 10 x 10 inches) hardcover custom family photo book – up to 25 pages, with up to 75 photos that you upload to Shutterfly? Lauren designs and delivers the book.  See a sample at the auction.

Value: $50                                                Min. bid: $25

Tea Time

Jean Rhian & Jerry Fairbanks


Take home this new tea service – two mugs, a large and lovely teapot, and six (6) colorful containers of tea.  Tea for two, and two for tea ….

Value: $60                                         Min. bid: $20

Mobile Kit

Jean Rhian & Jerry Fairbanks


You’re the artist, designer, and engineer – this Modern Mobile Kit contains interchangeable parts, and you can add additional kits to make your mobile grow.  Great for kids and grown-up kids.

Value: $42                          Min. bid: $15

Homemade Minestrone and Biscuits

Rita Barker   443-786-0120

Homemade Minestrone Soup and Flaky Baking Powder Biscuits

Rita will prepare and deliver four (4) large servings of hearty homemade minestrone soup and a dozen homemade flaky baking powder biscuits.  Dinner comes a’knocking.

Value:  $40                                      Min. bid:  $20


From the Barker Collection

Rita & Don Barker

Don and Rita offer several pottery items, from their house to yours.  These pictures are of the actual items.

Soup bowl and plate

Pottery Soup Bowl and Plate

      Value: $40            Min. bid: $10


Pottery Mug

      Value: $25           Minn. Bid: $10

Wine Chiller and a bottle of Chardonnay

wine cooler and chardonnay 400x

   Value: $85           Min. bid: $25

Introvert’s Weekend Package

Chris & Beth Hall    410-476-1053


Live it up, with your gift from the Halls: 3 engaging novels, a 1000-piece puzzle, and a bottle of wine.

Value: $50                          Min. bid: $25


A Night in Spain

Christina & Michele Drostin   919-259-9017


Olé! Join the Drostins for a fun evening with a personalized Spanish lesson over sangria and appetizers followed by a delicious Spanish dinner. Christina, a former Spanish teacher, will lead you in a fun-filled Spanish lesson designed to meet your interest and skill level, even if your current level is as basic as “gracias.” Your authentic Spanish dinner will be prepared by the talented Michele Drostin.  To take place at 5 pm one Saturday in May or June. Room for 6.

Value:  $55 per person       $Min. bid:  $25 per person

Bird Migration Walk, and Brunch at the Barkers

Rita & Don Barker  443-786-0120

Bird Watching

Bring your binoculars for a morning at Adkin’s Arboretum. Join Don and Rita at 8:00 AM for the bird migration walk led by Dr. Wayne H. Bell to look for birds in the Arboretum’s forest and meadows. (The Barkers will provide water and trail snacks.)

Susan Hostetler’s Art Exhibit

Afterwards, enjoy Susan Hostetler’s Art Exhibit of birds in motion at the Arboretum.  Finish the morning with a brunch on Don and Rita’s bird porch as you watch and listen to a wide variety of birds that visit their feeders. Brunch will include quiche and cinnamon buns made by local chef, Steve Konopelski, as well as fresh fruit and mimosas.  Room for 8.

Value: $40 per person                             Min. bid: $20 per person

Homemade Pound Cake

Sam Forlifer  410-829-6961

pound cake

Sam is serious about the pounds: she uses a pound of butter, pound of sugar, pound of flour and a dozen eggs, and the cake tastes divine.  One cake serves 14-18 and goes beautifully with whipped or ice cream, berries or other fruits, dark chocolate in any format.  Keeps well, freezes well, great toasted.  Can be made any time buyer chooses (if Sam is in town).

Value: $60                              Min. bid: $25

Pool Party

The Drostin & Harton Families 

Lauren: 410-728-4293    Christina: 919-259-9017


Enjoy food, swimming, and silly adult/kid games at the Drostin’s home in Easton! Festivities will take place Saturday July 28th at 4 pm (rain date Saturday Aug 4th at 4 pm).  Up to 10 families.

Value: priceless                      Min. bid: $25 per family

Homemade Lasagna

Judy & Jack Harrald  410-745-5420


For starters, Jack makes the noodles. Judy adds broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, and onions along with cheeses and eggs and seasonings to produce a mouth-watering main course. They will deliver it cooked, or ready for your oven.

Value:  $45                             Min. bid: $20

Construction Consultation

Eric Rubin 410-745-2000


Consult with an expert to problem solve on one or more of your home construction challenges. (Eric is the Eric of Eric D. Rubin, Inc.)

Value: $120                                   Min. bid: $50

Picture Frame

Carol Meredith

reed and bartonbetter

Do you have a special picture that deserves a special frame?  Carol provides a lovely Reed and Barton picture frame that will hold a 5 x 7 inch photo. Take it home from the auction.

Value: $55                                                Min. bid: $20

Fresh-Baked Bread & Spreader

Doug & Patty Hamsher


The Hamshers will provide fresh-baked bread with a handmade-by-Doug wooden butter spreader for you to take home from the auction. Yum.

Value: $20                                   Min Bid: $10

Slime Basket

The Hamshers 443-480-9078


Want to take part in one of the slimiest science trends around? The Hamshers will provide you with recipes and ingredients to make your own slime as well as a few free samples to get you excited.

Value: $20                                      Min. Bid: $10

Sunday Brunch at Colleen’s

Colleen Ronning 410-829-2973


Colleen is whipping up Black Forest waffles, Coconut Almond French toast, mimosas and more for a soul-warming Sunday brunch on May 6. If Mother Nature cooperates, you’ll be dining on the deck.  Room for 8.

Value: $45                              Min. bid:  $25 per person

Matted Photographs

David Stevens

Everest Clouds

73 Everest clouds

160 Bow of Kathryn

160Bow of Kathryn

These photos by David Stevens were taken when he was working as a professional photographer. They are mostly landscapes from the Eastern Shore and trips to the Western US and Nepal; some are of skipjacks and schooners.  There are 20 photographs, 16 x 20 inches each.  Be the first to make your selection.

Value:   $100                                      Fixed price:   $30

Richardson Originals

Jim Richardson

Black Point Barbershop

Black Point barbershop 010 copy

St. Lukes Anglican Church, Rock Sound

St Lukes Anglican Church, Rock Sound

Black Point Church

Black Point church

Jim offers three paintings, each approximately 12 x 16 inches. They were painted in 2016 after Jim and Martha returned from their second sailing trip to the Bahamas.

Value: $400 each                              Min. bid:  $200 each


APPLE PIE:  Shalagh Hogan offers $25 and has requested that Martha Hamlyn produce this delicacy for her, again (and again, and again).

GARDEN CONSULTATION: Shalagh Hogan offers $75 and has requested that Kara Crissey provide one (1) hour of expertise to discuss and plan great things.

HELP WITH ASSEMBLY: Maggie Garey offers $50 for help to assemble a bookstand this month, and help to set up a market umbrella on her patio in May.  The Barkers will provide this service!


Mariner 3 Inflatable Boat

Bozena Lamparska  410-394-8744


Bo offers a once-used 10-ft, 3-person boat with 2 Boston valves on main hull chamber for quick-fill, fast deflate. Super Tough construction is triple strong. Made with 3 separate layers of material for extra strength and durability. All-around grab line and rub strake. Heavy-duty extruded plastic flooring for comfort and rigidity. Two fishing rod holders. Two inflatable thwart seats. 1 gear pouch and 1 battery pouch.

Value: $164                                               Min bid: $50


A Week in Green Valley, AZ

Mary Dunlavey  410 241-0184

GReen Valley AZ 400x

Enjoy beautiful mountain views of the Santa Rita Mountains while you relax around the pool of this charming 2-bedroom plus den, 2-bath home. Just 25 minutes from Tucson and all its museums, golf courses, parks and attractions.  April through November, based on availability.

Value: $1500                Min. bid: $450


Tidewater Inn Gift Certificate

Gail Woodall 410-253-2569

Chesapeake Inn, Tidewater Inn

Gail is providing a $100 gift certificate to the Tidewater Inn.  Enjoy brunch, lunch, dinner, and/or drinks – and soon it will be warm enough to sit outside.

Value: $100                                    Min. bid: $75

Medical Consultation

Mary Dunlavey  410 241-0184

nurse chick

Mary, a Certified Nurse Practitioner, will provide up to two (2) hours to help with understanding your prescriptions, getting answers to what you thought were ‘stupid’ questions, translating medical speak in documents, organizing medical files….

Value: $100                           Min. bid: $40

BBQ at Sue & Bill’s

Sue & Bill Browning  703-201-2745


Join the Brownings at their scenic waterfront retreat (just over the bridge at Newcomb, heading toward St. Michaels) on Saturday, June 2 to enjoy a hearty BBQ and sunset on the dock. Room for 15.

Value:  $45 per person              Min. bid:  $25 per person

Light Summer Supper at the Rhian/Fairbanks

Jean Rhian & Jerry Fairbanks  410-822-5807


Enjoy the summer breeze and a light summer supper on the screened porch at Jean and Jerry’s Easton Club home while socializing with other UUs.  Room for 4.

Value:   $40 per person            Min. bid: $20 per person

You Pick the Pie

Mary Dunlavey  410 241-0184


Mary will bake you a lemon meringue pie – or another kind, your choice, to make you happy.

Value:  $20                              Min. bid: $5

Airport Transport I & II

Mary Dunlavey  410 241-0184


When you or a loved one has to go to the airport, enjoy the scenery and the company and let Mary do the driving.

Value: $120 one way for Dulles or Philly, $100 for BWI or National

Min. bid: $80 one way for Dulles or Philly, $70 for BWI or National


Homemade Fudge

Lori Woods 443-677-8779


Lori makes fudge and will prepare a pound, consisting of several flavors. There will be samples at the auction!

Value: $12                                       Min. bid:  $10

White Delight Wine

Nancy & Ron Sweet

wine from sweetss

Nancy & Ron offer two bottles each of 2012 Moonstruck Sauvingnon Blanc, 2012 Cartlidge & Brown Chenin Blanc and 2012 Belle Ame Riesling. Salud!

Value: $75                             Min bid: $45



LED Bottle Art

Nancy & Ron Sweet

led bottle 2

This bottle art was created by one of the sons of Nancy and Ron Sweet.  See it at the auction.

Value: $40                                     Min. bid: $20

Decorative Wooden Tray

Bill & Paula Lawton

Wooden-Tray-from-Paula-Lawton 500x

This beautiful wooden tray (approximately 15″ x 18.5″) was hand painted by Paula Lawton, mother of the musical Beth.  Take it home from the auction.

Value: $75                                        Min. bid: $35

Trio of Desserts

Colleen Ronning  410-829-2973

 3 desserts

  Life is sweet.  Colleen will prepare Carrot Cake, Cheesecake, Chocolate Orange, Lemon Raspberry, Pecan Bars, whichever three you choose, all at once or one at a time…. OR talk to her about one big special cake.

Value:  $100                                   Min. bid: $45

Ready, Aim, Party

Sally Woodall    410-745-2957


Sally will help you plan your event, set up, serve & clean up, using her professional catering experience, for up to four hours.  (She is the Girl Friday of the catering firm Garden & Garnish.)

Value:  $150                                   Min. bid: $60

 Professional Listening

Sally Woodall 410-745-2957

dog listening

Sally has decades of experience and boatloads of patience and kindness. See what half an hour of undivided attention – with no judgment or directives – can do for you.  Open to all ages

Value:  $75                                            Min. bid:  $25


Voice Lessons

Bozena Lamparska   410-394-8744

girl singing

Bozena, an experienced teacher, offers five (5)  ½-hour voice lessons for beginners to advanced singers.

Value: $200          Min. bid: $50

Wine & Chocolate

Laura Winne & Liz Hausburg

 winer & choc

Take home a soul-nourishing basket put together by Laura and Liz, to share with a favorite adult or indulge yourself.

Value: $40                                            Min. bid: $20



SkillScan Career Driver Online

Theresa Connolly & Patrick Lee  410-604-6155


SkillScan is a 30-minute online assessment tool to determine your transferable skills and preferences; you’ll receive detailed information about your strengths, practical ideas for developing skills, suggested career and educational options and numerous free resources in the Learning Center, along with a 30-minute debrief with Patrick Lee. Great for recent grads and those looking to change careers.

Value: $150                                    Min. bid: $40



You Choose the Music

Abby West 410-924-9894

 music notes many

Abby will play a prelude, offertory or postlude of your choice at one of the UU services. Birthday or anniversary requests? No problem!

Value: $50                                       Min. bid: $25

Think Global, Drink Local

Nancy & Phillip Sawyer  410-820-4041


Come to the Sawyer’s house for a local beer tasting — we’ll sample beers brewed here on the Delmarva peninsula. Dinner is included. Plan the spend the afternoon of Memorial Day 2018 celebrating with Nancy and Phillip.  Room for 8.

Value: $55/person               Min. bid: $25/person

Fresh Coffee, For Real

Phillip Sawyer 410-200-4074

  coffee beans   

Phillip imports beans from Kenya, Guatemala, and other countries that produce good coffee — you can ask him for a specific destination! He roasts the beans on a dedicated roaster. Give yourself the treat of truly fresh-roasted caf or decaf coffee — there might be no turning back.

Value: $18 for 14 oz.                  Min. bid: $10 for 14 oz.

B & B in St. Michaels

Ann Davis 410-745-2461

B & B

Having family or friends for the weekend, but just don’t have the room? Stay at the Davis B&B on the Miles River, in St. Michaels, where there is one queen-size and one full bed. Guests will enjoy breakfast, kayaking, bikes, walking to downtown, visiting the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.

Value: $550                       Min. bid: $300/two nights

Spring Clean-Up of Your Yard

Ann Davis 410-745-2461


Ann will provide three (3) hours of weeding, raking, pruning, etc.  All the things that need to be done for a new season, but you may not relish doing them.

Value: $225                               Min. bid: $100


Rent A Grandmom

Ann Davis 410-745-2461


Ann will provide childcare for one night or a weekend get-away, for up to three children. She will entertain, feed, and bed down your children with tender, loving care. You can spend time as a single or couple unencumbered.  A preliminary visit can be arranged to build comfort for the kids and for Ann.

Value: $200                        Min. bid:  $100

Toll-Free Homemade Christmas Cookies

Ann Davis 410-745-2461

multi cookies

Ann will whip up five (5) dozen Christmas Cookies on a Platter: gingerbread, sugar cookies, brownies, chocolate chip, and hazelnut sandwich cookies.  Cookies will be ready by December 21st or another date, and home delivery available.

Value: $75                      Min. bid: $30

Original Oil Painting

Sara Linda Poly

Dreams of Tuscany oil 8x6 saralindapoly

“Dreams of Tuscany” measures 8 x 6 inches and is framed in black and gold. It will be on display at the auction. Painting is Sara’s profession; see more of her work at www.saralindapolystudio.com

Value: $675                                     Min. bid: $95

Authentic Mexican Dinner

Shalagh Hogan & Mark Peach  410-714-4104

Mexican food

Attendees will enjoy an authentic Mexican buffet style spread including homemade pork and shrimp tacos, salsa fresca, refried pinto beans, basmati rice, peppers and onions, and Mexican bread pudding. Come at 4 pm on May 5 with hopes of enjoying the back deck for dining. There are 10 spots available.

Value:  $45                           Min. bid:  $25 per person


Ampersand Traditional Music

Beth Lawton & Dick Hogle    518-929-1835


Ampersand is a family-friendly music group playing traditional American music from the colonial era and the Civil War, blues of the 1920s and 30s, and modern folk music. Ampersand features Beth and Dick, and “adds in” other local musicians playing guitars, banjo, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, and stand-up bass and featuring vocal harmonies, lively instrumentals, and a great joy in bringing traditional music to modern listeners.

Value: $350 for 2 hours         Min. bid: $50

Custom Memory Box

Shalagh Hogan  410-714-4104

Memory Box 2

For expectant mothers to put their memories in, this special box is 11.5 by 7 by 5 inches in size; custom color-coordinated; covered inside and out; and it cleverly opens at the back so the ribbons never have to be untied.

Value:  $75                                   Min. bid: $35

Fish Collage

Shalagh Hogan

Fish picture 001

Yes, there is something fishy going on — and you can  put it on your wall.  Approximate size is 10.5 by 12 inches.  See it at the auction ….

Value: $100                            Min. bid: $25

Pastel Drawing

Shalagh Hogan

banana and apple pastel

This lovely fruity pastel is approximately 10.5 x 12 inches and will sport a new frame.  You’ll see it in person at the auction.

Value: $100                            Min. bid: $25

Piano Music Guy

Eamon Peach  c/o Shalagh 410-714-4104

eamon peach

Eamon will provide piano music as a background, or as a feature, for your event.  He’ll play for 30 minutes straight, or two or three sets.  You’ll be able to say, “I sponsored him when … ”

Value: $100                                Min. bid: $25

Help for the Hapless Hostess

Shalagh Hogan    410-714-4104

apronNot only will Shalagh help you plan the menu and deck your halls (whatever the season), she will assist with the actual preparation and production of your event as well.

Value: $100                                  Min. bid: $50

Custom Memory Wreath

Shalagh Hogan 410-714-4104

photo wreath

Shalagh will take items such as pictures, ornaments, fabric, dried flowers, costume jewelry, then add to them on a wreath and embellish it to hang in your house for remembrance and enjoyment.

Value:  $75                                   Min. bid: $30



Mark Peach    410-310-6743


Mark will treat you to, and accompany you on, one round (18 holes) of golfing with cart at Hog Neck.  According to Mark, you will not be intimidated.

Value: $60                                   Min. bid:  $40

Book of Joy Dinner

Ray & Bo Earnest    410-310-4985

Book of JOY 2

Join Ray and Bo at their island home (15 minutes from Easton) on Sunday, July 29 for dinner and a book discussion.  All you need to do is to read The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by the Dalai Lama and Desmund Tutu; then go to the Earnests ready to discuss and enJOY!. Room for 8 people.

Value: $50 per person                              Min. bid: $25 per person

Homemade Cookies

Jane Terebey   410-479-1410


At least three (3) dozen Oatmeal Coconut, Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Mint Snow Top cookies made to order and delivered to UUFE. Not available in the month of June.  Perfect for tea or dessert.

Value:  $20                                   Min. bid:  $15

Decadent Raspberry Chocolate Torte

Gayle Scroggs  443-534-1979

Chocolate Gail Cake

This extravagance is flour- and gluten-free.  It is large, round, decorated with fresh raspberries and whipped cream, and serves 12, if you plan to share  …

Value: $45                         Min. bid: $20

A Day of Sailing

Sam Forlifer    410-829-6961

3. Seth

Sailors – or non-sailors – will enjoy a day of cruising on a 34.9 foot Jeameau sailboat out of Easton. Lunch or snacks and drinks will be provided.  Up to 4 people, including children, are welcome.

Value: $200                  Min. Bid: $50


Water Sports on the Choptank

Barbara & Dick Doughty      410-673-7580


Bring your entire family and spend a morning or afternoon swimming, kayaking, canoeing or sunbathing on the Choptank River.  Boats and accessories will be provided. Schedule in advance for July through September.

Value:  $50                                Min. bid: $20 per person


Mendocino Get Away

Sam Forlifer & Rob Middleton        410-829-6961


Escape to wine country for a week atop a canyon with distant views of the Pacific in this new 2-bedroom home in Albion, CA – just outside Mendocino, a beautiful 31/2 hour drive north of San Francisco.  Sit on the wrap-around deck and gaze at the mountains or the ravine of Big Salmon Creek. The home sleeps 6 and features a great room with a gas fireplace, living and dining room, washer/drier and a fully-equipped kitchen.  Activities to enchant children as well as adults include the Sea Glass Beach, riding horses on McKerricker Beach, lighthouses, an endangered African animal preserve where you can hand feed a Rothschild giraffe, hiking, and canoeing.

Value: $2000/week                   Min. bid:  $500/week

Custom Quilt

Janet Pfeffer         410-310-4559

Pfeffer quilts

Janet will create a baby quilt to celebrate a special delivery, or a lap-robe size quilt to honor or memorialize someone you love. You provide the fabric (from T shirts or other clothing, and/or an excursion to JoAnn’s Fabrics).  See samples at www.janetpfefferquilts.com

Value: $100-250                 Min. bid: $30


Boat Ride for Nature Lovers

Barbara & Dick Doughty          410-673-7580

doughty wing landing on choptank

Bring your entire family and enjoy a 90-minute boat ride on the Choptank River and up Kings Creek, a nature paradise, where wildlife is prevalent. Schedule your trip in advance for July through September. The boat can accommodate up to 5 persons.

Value: $50 per person         Min. bid: $15 per person


Tred Avon Players Tickets

Maggie Garey


Two tickets for any of the 2018 Season TAP (Tread Avon Players) shows. Call to reserve seats in the front rows: 410-226-0061, www.tredavonplayers.org

Value: $40        Min. bid: $20


Tidewater Singers Tickets

Dave Moore         443-786-9971TS heron logo

Dave offers two tickets to the Tidewater Singers performance on May 12, 13 or 14.  He, Patty and Eric Rubin, and Denise Stahre are among the members of this remarkable choral group.

Value: $30                                        Min. bid: $20

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